Performance Food Centers

PFC is a unique and cutting edge company with old-fashioned ideals. We believe in relationships that begin with a handshake, not contracts that limit your options. We understand that you do have options and if we don’t perform, you won’t need us. We do everything to earn your business. This is your Juice Bar and/or Café; we are here to help you grow it.

About Us

PFC has decades of experience in the world of nutrition, exercise, and juice bar/café management. Since our inception in 1999, we have helped the smallest bistro to the largest corporate fitness chains in America to become profitable through their Juice Bars and Cafés. Wherever you are at in the process of your business development, PFC can identify where you are on your journey to master the 7 Elements of a successful Juice Bar and/or Café.

Our Philosophy

PFC believes in the power of the human experience. We believe every cell in the human body has a life and in that life, we believe if given the right nutrients at the right time, the life of the cell can be extended and healed. Our passion is to help people realize this and to help them excel by giving them access to healthy foods while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.