Performance Food Centers

Health Clubs

healthclubPFC has chosen Juice Bars within health clubs as the primary vehicle for sharing our products and knowledge. We won’t rest until every member of every health club in the United States has the privilege of healthy, whole food products right at their finger tips. We believe that folks who work out want Total Fitness and PFC wants to feed both their minds and bodies the necessary ingredients to maximize their workout and healthy life style.

Today, we are in large fitness chains like LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Bally Total Fitness, Club Metro and Urban Active to hundreds of smaller independent clubs and studios all over the country. We have an expanding customer base that continues to grow at an a rate of 30% each year!

No matter what size your health club is or what stage you are at in creating your custom Juice Bar, we have all of the tools to make your Juice Bar an added benefit for your members and a profit center for your bottom line.

Read more about our seven elements to success or contact us right away to start helping your members achieve their performance and wellness goals through whole food nutrition!