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Fit Fresh Foods

“We sold a grand total of 729 shakes at the end of January 2013, 216 more than last year in January! I am very pleased with this! We’ve already had a few redeem their 10th free shake. Thanks again for all your help. It’s so exciting to have a product line that you stand behind 100%. Everyone has just raved about how yummy they are and it’s fun to hear what everyone’s favorites are.”


Ladies Fitness & Health

“I know you know your products are good, but I’m telling ya, the ladies LOVE them!!!! Thanks for working with me Chris.”

Drak BurrDrake_Burr

NPC Natural male Physique Competitor

“As a natural Male Physique Competitor,  finding a protein powder that has lower sodium level and high quality natural protein can be a task. PFC’s Bio Whey not only has all the natural ingredients my body needs to maintain the way I look on stage, but also gives me the certainty that my body is getting the best. If you want to look the best, you need to put in the best. That’s why Bio Whey is my protein supplement of choice.”

DanielleGold's Gym Grand Junction

Evolution Fitness

“You’re so sweet Andrea. I have to say you are by far the best rep I’ve ever worked with. You’ve done so much for us and you do an amazing job with getting back to your customers promptly to get what they need. You are very personable, you relate to the customer and you’re very professional. If you ever need a recommendation on linked in or down the road let me know. I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

Jared SchwalbDrBlendz

Dr. Blendz

“Honestly you guys…..EVERYONE included have done an amazing job and are always consistent in getting back to me and taking care of my needs as quickly as possible. You guys have honestly made this whole experience in opening 2 locations an absolute pleasure. If anything I am a pain in the ass to you guys!!!!”

Sharon Barger Gold's Gym Grand Junction

Gold’s Gym – Grand Junction

“I am getting awesome reviews on the juice bar! All the employees believe in the product and are excited to be offering it to our members! I feel confident we made the right decision to go with Performance.”

Tynese Daniels & Lamont Jonesphoto-3

Power Up Smoothies & Cafe

“WOW is the first word that comes to mind when I think of our tremendous experience with PFC. Starting with our first introduction to PFC from our Customer Account Manager, Chris Murphy, to the end training with Dottie Beck, and everything in between. You guys have been absolutely FANTASTIC!! The professional team that you have at PFC along with the full range of products and services complete from start to finish, has made this process of starting Power Up Smoothies & Cafe a very easy and seamless adventure. Chris, thank you so very much, for all of help and continued support. We can’t thank you enough!”



“Training was AMAZING! I cannot even put into words how my expectations were blown! Not just by the training, but the quality of the products! Not to mention, the fact that you guys thought of everything!!! When I have had some sleep and can think straight I will do my best to tell you how grateful we are! Dan was OUTSTANDING!!”

Jodi Kallasphoto-3

Yoga and Tea

“TOTALLY AMAZING! You, the info, the products! YAY!!!”

Tito Purcell photo-3

Organic Blends

“My experience with PFC has been life changing at this point, and I see Organic Blends going far in the near future! It is crazy how well we are doing! THANK YOU for everything!”

“Also, a special thank you to Linda, I cannot expressed the feeling of joy we have at this time thanks to your hard work! We know the logo is what will attract people to come look at what we have, and thanks to you, your talent and patience, you have taken my vision and made it a reality!!! THANK YOU!!!”

Dave Ziegler_D7K7616

Navesink Fitness

“We just wanted to say it has been a pleasure working with you and your team from start to finish on developing our Smoothie Bar!

To be honest we called around and spoke to various vendors and simply got the run around. We then wanted to commit to a brand name like Dr. Smoothie, but even had a difficult time understanding how their product line worked for a family and friends gym like Navesink Fitness. We eventually connected with the right person at Dr. Smoothie who referred us to Performance Foods. If my memory serves me correctly you guys got an email from Dr. Smoothie and called us back that very same day!

Chris called us back and went over our different options from constructing the Smoothie Bar from start to finish – even offering to basically be the General Contractor. However by this time we already had drawing available and begun talks with a local carpenter, electrician, and plumber. Even still your team was still readily available for consultations for Health Code Regulations, Signs, and Ingredients that were necessary for the top 10 sellers.

We were new to the business of selling smoothies. You, nor your team ever once got frustrated with us even though we changed our minds a hundred times throughout the project. Your positive and reinforcing attitude helped us to continue to move forward with our goal. For that we thank you and look forward to doing more business with you in the future!”

The Evolution TeamEvolution Fitness Fitness

“We are so happy to be with PFC, and feel even more confident with our decision. You truly have created a wonderful company, with quality product and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Your passion is contagious, and it matches ours so it’s no wonder we are a good fit! We are so looking forward continuing and developing our working relationship. So far, the juice bar is rocking and rolling and our members LOVE the shakes!!!”

Bethany FisherBethany

“Thank you PFC for giving me tips, guidance and support throughout my first marathon. I appreciated the opportunity to try a range of supplements for use while running. Chia Peanut Butter especially has been a life saver, the difference between an 18 mile run exhausted without it and a 20 mile run with it feeling incredible. Thanks again.”

Tom Schiltz

“I know that for The Fit Stop to be successful, our members need to be successful – proper nutrition and diet will literally change people’s lives. The post workout recovery shake, I feel, will be the missing link that will really take our members to the next level with their health and fitness! I could never support and promote a product line that I did not 100% believe in. Finally finding a company that can help me, help my members achieve wellness through whole food nutrition shakes, and not a bunch of unnatural, artificial products and ingredients has been very exciting.“

Jeanie Nelson

“We love working with PFC, without them, we wouldn’t have known what to do! They truly impressed us by how dedicated they are!”

MeredithCarolina Women

“Since we brought PFC in house in January 2010, our sales for shakes have increased 272% from our best year since we opened in 2005, yes, 272%. BTW – since the economy crashed in the summer of 2008, 2010 was our worst year overall. POS sales decrease significantly and membership dues/sales fell about 8%. BUT bringing in PFC, shakes sales were AWESOME and clearly helped us hold on that year. That wouldn’t have happened without the excellent products, system and education of PFC. I have projected gross sales to around $42k this year in shake sales. Also as a side note, we are a women’s only club with only about 650 members at most. So, I think we ROCK! ”

Jeannine Johnstonthe club5

“Our experience with Chris and Dottie and PFC overall have been fabulous… they have been very accommodating, knowledgeable and patient with us venturing into the juice bar world.”

Denise Edwardsplaceholder_200x200

I just want to say that my boss and I think PFC is a great company. Not just because the products are superior but because of the personal service we get as well as all the great literature. Thanks again.”

Jason Matejkowski FranklinField

“PFC has been fantastic! They walked us through the transition at Energy Zone, been with us every step of the way over there, helped us put together Brysi and will be instrumental in growing our new location at Franklin Field. PFC is an integral part of our team.”


“Our students are very health conscious and it is nice to know that we can trust that anything we buy from PFC to be top quality.”

Chuck O’Keefe

Simmeria Cafe & Bistro

Simmeria Cafe & Bistro

“Before I had spent a nickel or ordered my first frappe, there Debbie was, teaching my folks the fine art of coffee…and all with nothing more than a promise that I would probably do some business with PFC. I knew at that moment that I had found a true partner in Deb and PFC, a partner who actually cares about our business. To me that means everything.”

Greg MooneyhamSmoothie Studio - Atlanta 030

“After spending some time on the phone with Ryan Kehl, I really felt that I had found the right business partner. Ryan went above and beyond to help me understand what needed to get done and how they could help. I got the feeling that the company culture at PFC was about helping the client be successful and the product was the one I was looking to get. After meeting Dan and seeing his passion for nutrition, I knew I had made the right choice.”

Diane RicedorfEd.M.200x200

“I wanted to let you know that my receivers commented on how nice and friendly the drivers for your company are. We don’t find that often anymore so it is a pleasure to have it with your company. Thank you”

Ken Julienrejuvenation.station

“I just wanted to say thank you to Megan for the awesome job she did on the marketing materials for the Rejuvenation Station. I am a big believer that creating awareness (marketing) precedes sales and because of the fantastic work you did on our banners, menus and flyers, the sales are increasing daily. The Rejuvenation Station has become the ‘gathering hole’ for the gym where members are educated on nutrition, get tasty recovery and performance shakes and socialize to some extent. The bright colors with the Caribbean graphics add a lot of excitement and ambiance to the facility. Thanks again for taking the crazy ideas in my head and making it a reality!”

Vikki PoormanLBC_logo

“I’ve been meaning to tell you about the launch of the Lean Body Challenge at our club. We ended up with a full group. All 25 slots were sold. We’re two weeks into the program now and the participants LOVE all the information the LBC books contained. Thank you.”

Eva HunterGolds_200x200

“It’s obvious that Dan is passionate about the company’s’ mission. In fact, everyone we’ve talked to at PFC has been equally as passionate and educated about the products and nutrition. It’s great to finally have a partner with knowledge about nutrition!”

Taz SadhukhanKingleyHealth200x200

“Just wanted to tell you that we had a fundraising benefit for one of our members last night and the smoothies were a HUGE success (with no samples!!!!). People could not stop talking about them. The Antiox, Strawberry based and Thinny Mint have been our huge sellers. The Pina Colada has been great to offer after our Latin Dance classes… And the fact that you give us $ back for marketing….how awesome!”

Eric Corsonphys-ed.logo.200x200

“PFC offers quality products that taste good and offer our members a much healthier alternative to getting the egg/bacon/coffee combo down the road. Throw in that fact that the owner shows up to teach and motivate my staff, and offers an educational avenue to learn from. That is a nice touch.”

“ I am confident that offering PFC to my members was a wise decision and that the members will learn that you really can get a healthy, nutrient dense meal in a cup. Whether that is a pre-workout pick-me-up or a post workout recovery shake, it is all good!”



“Thanks to everyone involved at PFC, your products and professionalism have been first rate from start to finish. My customers can’t believe that protein shakes can taste this good and be that healthy, I can’t believe the buzz the shakes have created in my area in such a short amount of time. I’ve owned my gym for 15 years and going with PFC for my shakes has been one of my best decisions.
Special thanks to Chris Murphy, you took care of me from day one and still continue to do so.”

Fernando Igesiasbio_whey_vanilla_3lb

“Dan did an awesome job with the members at Hoboken. They really enjoyed it and my sales went up a couple of hundred dollars to boot. Dan has a true passion for what he does!!”

Rebecca, Strawberry Performance Bio-Whey Fanaticbio_whey_vanilla_3lb

“I tried to use proteins for years now and I can’t stand them! I came across yours and it’s the best stuff I’ve ever had! I make a fruit smoothie every day and I’m just so happy with it! I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat so this is really good stuff for me! I even made a smoothie for my friend and he said you can’t even taste it and it has a good consistency!”

Colby Summer24HourFitnessApprovedLogo

“Thanks again for your educational class!!! We have been waiting a long time for this and the wait was well worth it.”

Vikki PoormanVikki_200x200

“Total smoothies sold for our first official day was 227! I’m beat.”

Island Ice Cream and SmoothiesBrett_Ryan_200x200

Brett Ryan, Owner

“I have been getting great feedback and reviews from using your smoothie products this summer. I am very pleased with the products and the service from my Sales Rep, Chris and PFC. Keep up the good work and thank you.”

Joe StraubStraubs_200x200

“Straub’s Fitness has recently begun selling Performance Food Center’s nutritional shakes. Members love the taste and health benefits and our staff loves the ease with which the shakes are made. Our thanks to Chris Murphy and PFC for superior customer service and product!”

Kim Wellerst_louis_fitness_club_200x200

“We have used PFC at our Juice Bar since April of 2008. Since we are a locally owned and operated club, it is important for us to provide our members with products we really believe in. PFC continues to meet and exceed our high standards. You cannot beat their all natural, organic products. Their customer service and marketing teams are not only friendly and knowledgeable but efficient! Thanks to PFC, the Juice Bar has become an integral and profitable part of St. Louis Fitness Club.”

Tammy Wattsbiowhey_vanilla_3lb_200x200

“I would say that collectively, my clients and I have tried quite a few brands of protein powders and this is by far the best tasting. Also, one of my clients is an internist who was very complimentary of the digestive enzymes. The product has been very helpful in my clients’ and my own personal training regimen for weight loss and increased muscle tone.”


“We’re doing great, our members love the shakes and we’re selling a ton of them! The juice bar looks great and draws a lot of attention. ”


“It is a great profit center! It is all about educating my members on nutrition and PFC does just that!”

Tom Wintersfed_xchange_200x200

“I have several clients that so love your products, especially the whey protein powder.”

Eric Sikarlaballys_logo_200x200

“I found the PFC University to be a great tool on this front. No matter if you are a new employee or someone just looking to refresh your knowledge, I think you will find this course intuitive and helpful. Thanks PFC for all the great information! ”

Tahita Delatteplaceholder_200x200

“Our members love our smoothies! They taste so good! The convenience and variety is appealing to all of our members. They can be a healthy meal replacement or snack. Our smoothies are refreshing and they’re just what the doctor ordered! ”

Lucas Babinsmoothologie_logo_200x200

“If I had to rate PFC on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 1,000. We sold over 100 smoothies
each day in the first week. The best thing about PFC, besides their shakes, is the nutritional education
training, and support.”

World Gymworld_gym_sheffield_200x200

“You guys have the greatest customer service and the product is awesome- we sell a ton of it! ”

Aviram and Udinrg_bars_logo_200x200

“It was a great pleasure and boost of energy to meet you, we feel more comfortable and blessed to have the opportunity to work with you, we just could not do it without PFC. Thank you for the support and all the great tips you gave us, thanks for working with us. ”

Simone Shepleyxanadu_health_club_200x200

“Our experience with Performance Food Centers has been wonderful; everyone has been so accommodating and friendly. Our Sales Representative Andrea is incredibly friendly and she made starting a juice bar a breeze. Months later, our staff is still talking about what Dan taught them at the training. He truly is full of knowledge.”

General Managerny_health_racquet_club_logo_200x200

“Working with Performance Foods has turned our Juice Bar AROUND! With new drink creations, new product enhancements and new education / selling techniques, we have been able to make our juice bar a part of everyone’s workout! A great big thanks to Dan and all of the Performance Foods Team!”


“We sold over 50 shakes in total with sales of $215 including tax. We have already exceeded last years sales in just 3 months, since we put in PFC shakes. Clearly you guys are doing something right. I’m also going back through the previous years of business to see how things increased or decreased. ”

Jeremy Gritton world_gym_peachtree_200x200

“PFC is absolutely unbelievable! We more than tripled our business from before and people are thrilled! Everything is going so smoothly and we can’t wait to start expanding by hiring staff and growing our product lines! ”