Performance Food Centers




Best thing about my job: The casual workplace
What makes me laugh: Spending time with my son and Nicholas
If I could one Dr. Smoothie Puree, I would be: Peach Pear Apricot- I love the flavor!
Favorite Exercise: Yard work
Favorite PFC Shake: Whatever Andrea and I mix up in the morning!
Dream Vacation: Going to a tropical Island & being waiting on hand and foot!



Accounts Payable

My Job in one sentence:
Accounts payable.
Best thing about my job: I always hear laughter.
What makes me laugh: My dog.
If I could be one Dr. Smoothie Puree, I would be: Northwest Berry.
Favorite Exercise: Bike riding & Kayaking
Favorite PFC Shake: Pumpkin Pie
What would I do if I won the lottery: Buy a ton of land and build a house at the far end of it.
Dream Vacation: A month long stay at a private lakeside cottage.