Performance Food Centers

The Owners



Owner & President

My Job in one sentence: Hard to do, especially since I don’t consider it a job, but here goes: Each and every day I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people who become part of our ever expanding family.
Best thing about my Job: The energy of its people passionately wanting to help our customers achieve
Most Challenging aspect of my Job: Being in two places at once
What makes me laugh: The Three Stooges.
If I could be one Dr. Smoothie Puree, I would be: Acai I want to be know as Antioxidant Man.
Favorite Exercise: Typing
Favorite PFC Shake: Acaii For Me of Course
What would I do if I won the lottery: Invest a good chunk back into PFC in a number of ways, give to family and buy a new pair of hiking boots.
Dream Vacation: Hiking New Zealand



VP of Operations

My Job in one sentence:
I think I am like a circus ringleader, I help organize the talented people.
Best thing about my Job: I love working with people all over the country (and beyond), helping them make their business the best it can be!
What makes me laugh: Really bad jokes, especially on a Friday afternoon.
Favorite Exercise: swimming or basketball or maybe basketball in the swimming pool!
Favorite PFC Shake: Java Jolt
What would I do if I won the lottery: I would buy a house on the beach, and maybe start taking 3 day weekends
Dream Vacation: Lots of sand, sun, and drinks with little umbrellas