Performance Food Centers

PFC would like to turn your Café into a "NUTRITIONAL GENERAL STORE” offering a wide variety of healthy snacks and smoothies as well as our line of specialty coffees, espressos and teas that your customers will simply love.

Nutritional Supplements


PFC has done our homework. We realize that your customers may be challenged to find the right Nutritional supplementation to optimize their hectic lifestyles. So, PFC makes it easy for them and for your staff to deliver the right nutrients at the right time while increasing your bottom line. PFC now offers Supplements that can be easily added to any beverage.

Synergistic Nutes

PFC has created a natural blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs that are combined synergistically and easily dispensed with a 5 gram scoop at your Juice Bar or Café into any beverage. We’ve given them names that people can identify with; i.e. Brainiac, Burn Fat Burn, Healthy Heart, Immune Support, etc. the list goes on and on.

New Chapter

If you want to offer retail Supplements that align with a Whole-Foods philosophy, New Chapter is it. Their products are Organic and Pro-biotic. All Supplements undergo a fermentation process that vastly enhances the bio-availability of the nutrient and increases the broad band of Phyto-nutrients offered. PFC makes it easy. We chose the most important Supplements that folks are most concerned with and defined the benefits and uses.

Dr. Smoothie

Dr. Smoothie has been creating Nutraceuticals for over a decade. Bill, the owner of Dr. Smoothie and Dan are intimately with understanding the concerns in the Fitness world. Bill has developed an entire line of products that embrace PFC’s philosophy while going beyond, delivering products that help every demographic. These Supplements are easily dispensed at any Juice Bar or in the privacy of your own home.

Sequel Naturals

PFC is proud to offer Vega Sport Performance Optimizer pre-workout and workout beverages by Sequel Naturals. Sequel Naturals embraces our Whole-Foods philosophy and their spokesperson Brendan Brazier, Vegan professional triathlete, bestselling author on performance nutrition and formulator of Vega, has put their own products to the test. Brendan speaks throughout North America, teaching the value of a properly implementing a plant-based diet to improve vitality and performance. Sequel Naturals products are made with all natural, highly raw and organic, ingredients, which require minimal processing and ultimately leave a nominal footprint. Vega Sport Performance Optimizer beverage, formulated to improve Energy, Stamina, Mental Focus, and Recovery, comes in easy to dispense containers or single serving packets.

To Order our whole-food products for your business, please call PFC at 888.PFC.9151 for wholesale pricing.