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Share your Juice Bar with the World!

PFC Juice Bar Carts and Kiosks are without a doubt the most state-of-the-art, extraordinarily efficient and amazingly beautiful pieces of equipment that you could ever hope to operate a business from. These master pieces are all one-of-a–kind, completely customized to fit your very specific needs.

Whether your concept is a complete Juice Bar or Cafe replete with Smoothies, Coffee, Snacks or you simply want to offer Light Fare, PFC will design and build exactly the unit that will fit your concept and your space. Each unit allows you to prepare beverages, food and concessionary items on the spot in almost any location.

Carts & Kiosks

You are probably wondering – Carts or Kiosks; what’s the difference? That’s easy. A cart can be easily moved from place to place, while a kiosk is usually more permanent. Kiosks are stationary indoor units, while Carts are generally made to be mobile for both indoor and outdoor events, however, we do have customers who leave them stationary inside.

If you are looking to serve food and beverages on the go, a PFC custom Cart or Kiosk may be your answer. Our Carts and Kiosk’s flexible design helps support multiple purposes and can easily expand to maximize more service opportunities as the situation arises. All of our units are designed and engineered using the finest quality materials and they are NSF, UL/CSA and CE approved. This means you can use the carts in practically any venue such as: shopping malls, colleges, airports, stadiums, indoor/outdoor events and within health clubs. The business opportunities with our Carts and Kiosks are endless.

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