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PFC Proudly Announces the Launch of Their New 100% Crushed Fruit and Veggie Shakes, Including the Exclusive Carrot Ginger with Orange.


Pottstown, PA, May 2013 – Performance Food Centers (PFC), a wholesale supplier to over 1400 Juice Bars and Cafes nationwide, announces a bold addition to their extensive line of shake and smoothie offerings with their Veggie Shake Program. There are three brand new flavor additions to the 100% Crushed Dr. Smoothie products; Butternut Squash Mango & Veggies, Carrot Orange Vegetable Medley and their exclusive Carrot Ginger with Orange.

Capitalizing on the Veggie-Centric health trends and the ever growing Snacking Culture that are captivating today’s consumers, PFC wanted to help their foodservice operators offer shakes packed with vegetables and fruits, without sacrificing taste. PFC has made it their mission to provide only natural, minimally processed whole food ingredients free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives, just the way Mother Nature intended.

Dovetailing with in PFC’s credo, “Whole Foods Engineered by Nature”, the new shake recipes that PFC has created with the Dr. Smoothie products offer not only the recommended “5 a Day” fruit and vegetable servings outlined by the USDA, but can provide as many as 9 servings with the addition of freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Blend in PFC’s BioWhey Protein, and you’ve created a powerfully nutritious “complete meal in a cup”.

To help convey the message of the nutritional value of all of the new Veggie Shakes to consumers, PFC works behind the scenes offering strong design imagery, marketing programs, and nutritional support to all of their customers.
Dan Young, Founder and President of PFC says, “Our mission has always been a simple one, to provide whole foods to people who care about their bodies, all the while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.” Dan continues, “We have helped thousands of people everywhere to achieve their wellness and performance goals with our Fruit Shakes, and this is what drives me. I came to realize, however, that people were not consuming enough vegetables to keep their bodies in the alkaline state that promotes optimal health. It was time to perfect a veggie shake that people actually like and now we’ve done that.”

All of the new Veggies Shake recipes that are on PFC’s menu are not only delicious, but nutrient dense. The Dr. Smoothie Artisans carefully packed each new Veggie Smoothie with over 9 fruits, veggies and greens combined to boost immunity and energy, while aiding in digestion and reducing cholesterol. With the addition of PFC’s enzymatically-alive freeze dried Spinach, Kale, Beets or Avocado, the team of Dr. Smoothie and PFC have made eating your veggies fun, easy and delicious!

For additional information on Veggie Shakes, Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies or any of PFC’s programs, contact Jared Secrest at 610-474-0440 ext. 111 or online at

World-class Vegas hotels, Caesars and Aria select PFC’s Bio-Whey Protein as their supplement of choice

Protein_VegasSummary: Planning on going to Vegas? Forgot to pack your Protein Supplement? Guess what? PFC has hit the jack pot in Vegas. That’s right – world class chefs at Caesars and Aria have selected PFC’s Performance Bio-Whey Protein to be the ONLY Protein used in their restaurants and room service for smoothies!

Pottstown, PA March 16, 2012: The Chefs in the world-class Vegas hotels Caesars and Aria were in search of an all-natural protein supplement to use in their restaurants and hotel room service smoothies, so they confided with Chef Chris Young, formerly the Executive Chef of the Mirage and sports enthusiast. Chris recommended Performance Food Center’s (PFC) Bio-Whey Protein as his Protein supplement of choice for its unique natural ingredient profile and ability to mix well with smoothies, oatmeal, parfaits, cookies and so much more.

PFC created their line of Bio-Whey Protein in order to offer a completely natural whey protein to people who care about what they put in their bodies. Generally, most protein supplements on the market today are not worth their weight in cheese. Most manufacturers’ protein labels claim that Whey is the main ingredient, but there are big differences between them all and choosing the right one could mean the difference between great absorption and utilization or high BV rating or low absorption, stomach aches and poor absorption. PFC chose to use the best concentrate available in their Bio-Whey Protein, which is 80% protein, replete with immune- supportive nutrient profile, immunoglubins, bovine serum albumin, beta-lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lipolic acid and CLA. Guests of the hotel and restaurants report that they can taste and feel the difference.

PFC refuses to use any artificial additives or synthetic sweeteners; instead their Whey Protein Supplements are sweetened with low-glycemic fructose and the natural herb, zero calorie Stevia extract. All ingredients and flavor systems are whole-food compliant and PFC Approved for Living Well. They believe that you are what you eat AND what your food eats, so PFC has certified all farms that produce their whey protein to be free of all hormones.

PFC is proud to offer their natural Protein supplements in Caesars and Aria hotel and restaurants; after all, what a better place to recover and take care of your body then the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas.

Announcing the opening of our new online shopping store, Dan’s Essentials

PFCs newest division, Dans Essentials

Summary: PFC, an industry leader in the planning, design, operation and supply of Juice Bars and Cafes across North America, expands their reach by creating an online Nutritional General Store, Dan’s Essentials, complete with over 800 Whole-food products for the whole family.

Pottstown, PA January 26th 2012- Performance Food Centers (PFC), a wholesale Juice Bar and Café distributor has been searching the world for over ten years, handpicking products that align with their philosophy of bringing whole-foods to people who care about their bodies. They distribute these natural whole-food products, along with a broad spectrum of services to over 1300 Juice bars and Cafés nationwide. Upon the launch of their new store in January, they have opened their all-natural product offerings via their online shopping store – Dan’s Essentials

Dan Young, Owner and President of PFC built the company with the belief that people were meant to consume products as close to harvest as possible, just the way Mother Nature intended. In 1995-97, Dan was stricken with life altering and ultimately, life threatening combination of diseases. The medical community threw up their hands and Dan was left to take his life into his own hands. He sought holistic doctors and began reading everything that was written on curing the body naturally. It took almost two years but Dan succeeded and he owes it all the power of whole-foods; his belief that the human body has the ability to cure itself of virtually every disease if given the chance.

Dan’s passion to help people spawned PFC. The company was created with one goal in mind; to give people access to healthy whole-foods free of all artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners and minimally processed foods while simplifying the complex world of nutrition. Juice Bars located in health clubs and wellness centers was chosen as the vehicle to deliver these all-natural product offerings and nutritional educational materials. Dan believed as he does today, that folks who workout are more apt to care about what they are putting in their bodies in order to achieve their fitness goals and general wellness, so why not start there.

Over the past ten years, PFC has worked very closely with many food and supplement manufacturers improving their ingredient profiles while eliminating the garbage our bodies don’t recognize as food. Many of the foods you may eat today are a direct result of Dan’s pressure on those companies. For instance, Dan has been removing hydrogenated oils and aspartame from foods years before the FDA recognized them as health risks.

PFC grew as a result of their commitment to providing whole-food products, while simplifying the complex world of nutrition through various educational channels. The company is continuing to grow today, as people are becoming more and more health conscience. Business owners more than ever feel the responsibility to provide healthy products to their consumers and people from all walks of life are improving their health. As a result of their growth, Dan wanted to share with the world the very products that helped him during those critical years as well as today as he competes in endurance events, hikes tall mountains and raises a very young family.

PFC’s hundreds of healthy foods and beverages offerings are now available to the whole family at home! It is called; what else? Dan’s Essentials – Whole Food Pantries for Life. Dan’s Essentials currently offers the following categories of products; Smoothie & Shake Ingredients, Natural Supplements, Proteins & Builders, Organic Coffees & Teas, Handpicked Healthy Snacks, Baked Goods, Whole Grains, Natural Sweeteners and Staples for Everyone’s Diet.

Dan Young mentions, “We are proud to offer our whole-food products online which focus on very specific nutritional needs such as; Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Lactose Free, High Protein, High Energy, Vitamin Rich and products that are Great for Kids!” He continues, “ We are continually adding new products to the site. Among the newest, PFC is featuring a line of about 120 natural sweeteners, whole grains, flours, dried fruits, nuts and healthy snacks. All of these products were handpicked from farms local to Berks and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania. Young concludes, “Enjoy all the good things that this life has to offer; fresh air, sunshine, children’s laughter and the bounty of whole-foods from our pantry I have created for you. Eat Well. ”

PFC invites you to eat Natural whole-food products and to visit their online shopping store

Read more about Dan’s Story.

Organic Blends is blending up a buzz of energy in Pembroke Pines, Florida in their all natural Juice Bar

photo 2Summary:  Organic Blends opens a natural Juice Bar in their local gym, West Pines Fitness to provide healthy and delicious recovery options to the members of the club and the community of Pembroke Pines.

Pottstown, PA November 9, 2011: Organic Blends located in Pembroke Pines, FL is a family owned natural Juice Bar that opened recently in the town’s health club, West Pines Fitness. Tito Purcell, owner of Organic Blends, along with his wife Kathia, dreamed of opening a food business where they could serve people healthy, delicious food.  Tito adds, “I never thought that I would start with a Juice Bar, however, the experience has been far better than I could have ever imagined.“

Over the past 16 years, Tito served in the U.S. Marines.  Tito mentions, “I am a proud father of three and married to the best wife in the world … because of this, I wanted to start a business where my family and I could do something together and also something they too could benefit from in the future.

Tito and Kathia opened up Organic Blends as a way to serve the community and the members of the club. From something as small as giving away free shots of espresso prior to a workout, to times that Tito takes over an aerobics class and dances with the members, he has created quite a buzz of positive energy that is spreading throughout the community. Tito, also known at the Juice Bar as “Woody” from Cheers mentions, “People here come to see what crazy new thing I do to keep them excited and motivated.” In addition, “Kathia has been a great influence in the changes Organic Blends has brought to the gym” says Tito.  He continues, “Her energy and wanting to make a difference in people’s life, is what makes this duo a perfect team!”

In searching for a natural Juice Bar supplier to provide all of their products, Tito found Performance Food Centers (PFC) on a Google search as he was gathering ideas to open his new Juice Bar.  Tito admits, “I have no previous experience on running a business, but as a Marine, they drill in our heads, that failure is NOT an option, for that I am thankful!” To Tito, he says, “I am passionate about what I am doing, and this is something that fulfills my needs.”   In terms of success, Tito adds, “I believe synergy is what is making Organic Blends a hit at the gym, and in the community. I have clients that drive 1.5 miles from their gym, just to have my Smoothies, even though they too have a Juice Bar in it.” Speaking of working with PFC, Tito says, “my experience with PFC has been life changing at this point, and I see Organic Blends going far in the near future!”

Organic Blends is now equipped with the most natural whole-food products that can make exactly what their members and community need when they need it; these include, Performance Shakes, 100% Crushed Fruit Recovery Shakes, Low-Glycemic Shakes and Kids Shakes. In addition to these nutrient dense natural beverages, healthy snacks will be available too, something for everybody, even the kids.  All products are free of all artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners and trans fats AND they are about 60 – 80% Organic.  Members report that they can taste the difference and more importantly, they are beginning to see a difference.

Tito and Kathia are currently training their staff on proper nutrition and promoting to their members the importance of recovering after exercise as well as eating properly to achieve a better quality of life.  A well-trained staff, wholesome natural products, and a full service Juice Bar provider stand behind them in motivating the nation to realizing total fitness.  They are very excited to be able to offer to their personal trainers and group fitness personnel the educational components and natural food products that are going to help her members achieve their goals.  Tito and Kathia’s mission is to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of their customers, while providing education through the methods PFC offers.

Tito’s favorite shakes at the gym vary between the Strawberry Slam, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the Chocolate Thinny Mint, while his wife loves the Tropical Oasis and his kids love the Chocolate Frosty. However, no matter what your favorite shakes is, Organic Blends has the perfect natural blend just for you. There motto is “Changing the World, one life at a time” and they are in fact changing lives, one shake at a time.

About Organic Blends:

20170 Pines Blvd Ste 101 Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Located in West Pines Fitness

The Fit Stop Fitness Center’s state-of-the-art fitness facility is now complete with an all-NATURAL Juice Bar.

shake bar picSummary: The Fit Stop Fitness Center provides their members with an intimate setting with state-of-the-art equipment, classes and a newly updated Juice Bar serving Recovery and Meal-Replacement Shakes to their members and the community of Stryerksville, NY providing a truly encompassing fitness experience.

Pottstown, PA October 19, 2011: The Fit Stop Fitness Center located in Strykersville, NY is a small, intimate club that takes pride in knowing each member by their names as they continually ensure that each member is educated and properly instructed on how to achieve their health and wellness goals. Tom Schiltz, owner and ACE Certified Personal Trainer always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, so he decided to get certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and build a one of a kind small club in our community that allows for the average person to achieve above average results, in a non-intimidating, friendly, caring, and supportive environment.

Tom and his team have focused on adding programs to the club that are fun and drive results while providing an experience “that gets them addicted to exercising” Tom adds.   He continues, “I discovered early on, that conventional exercise is boring for most, so I knew I needed to overcome that, and have incorporated programs, systems, trainings, and classes that really ‘wow’ the member each and every time, and have them leaving, actually excited to come back for their next workout.”

One of these effective programs is their newly updated Juice Bar now complete with a new menu of whole-food Recovery and Meal Replacement Shakes. Tom chose Performance Food Centers (PFC), a Juice Bar Supplier and Consultant to supply their Juice Bar with only natural, whole-food ingredients and train their staff on whole-food nutrition.  Tom explains, “Having struggled with weight right through college, I am passionate about improving the quality of lives for as many people as possible.”  He continues. “Finally finding a company that can help me, help my members achieve wellness through whole food nutrition shakes, and not a bunch of unnatural, artificial products and ingredients has been very exciting.”

The Fit Stop Juice Bar is now equipped with the most natural whole-food products that can make exactly what their members need when they need it; these include, Performance, 100% Crushed Fruit, Recovery, Low-Glycemic, Meal Replacement, Kid’s and Pre-Workout Shakes.  In addition to these nutrient dense natural beverages, healthy snacks will be available too, something for everybody, even the kids.  All products are free of all artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners and are 50 -70% Organic.  Members report that they can taste the difference and more importantly, they are beginning to see a difference.

The Fit Stop is currently training their staff on proper nutrition and promoting to their members the importance of recovering after exercise as well as eating properly to achieve a better quality of life.  Tom mentions, “I know that for The Fit Stop to be successful, our members need to be successful – proper nutrition and diet will literally change people’s lives.“ He concludes. “The post workout recovery shake, I feel, will be the missing link that will really take our members to the next level with their health and fitness!  I could never support and promote a product line that I did not 100% believe in.“

PFC wishes to congratulate Tom and his team at The Fit Stop for leading the way in providing total fitness and wellness to their members and community, through exercise and nutrition.

About The Fit Stop

Our mission is to assist people in their pursuit of health, fitness, and overall wellness while providing a safe and motivating atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing our members with current and pertinent information on fitness, and our personally designed programs are uniquely created based on your specific fitness and wellness goals.  We are committed to delivering the highest level of personal service and vow to consistently and consciously work toward the preservation of a comfortable exercising environment. After all, exercise should be fun and productive!

Tom Schiltz
The Fit Stop Fitness Center

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