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Franklin Health and Fitness adds a new line of Specialty Coffee, Espresso and Teas To their existing smoothie menu with the help of Performance Food Centers

Franklin Fitness

Franklin Fitness

Summary: Franklin Health and Fitness complete their new renovation, with the addition of a line of organic Specialty Coffee, Espressos and Teas to go along with their current line of 100% Crushed Fruit Recovery and Performance Shakes. They worked with Performance Food Centers, an industry Juice Bar supplier to create total wellness within their fitness facility.

Pottstown, PA February 7th, 2011: Franklin Health and Fitness is a 21,000 square foot fitness facility in Franklin, North Carolina. They opened their doors in 1988 in order to provide excellence in facilities, programs and services to help their members achieve their maximum potential for health and fitness. They offer their members the following amenities in wellness; an indoor pool, full service locker rooms, spinning studio, KidsZone, Racquetball courts, free weights, Nautilus equipment, 67 weekly group exercise classes and an all-natural Juice Bar which now includes a full line of organic Specialty Coffee, Espresso and Teas.

Franklin Health and Fitness decided three years ago that in order to provide total wellness to their members, they need to add an all-natural Juice Bar to their facility. They understood the importance of offering their members a natural way to recover after their workout in order to reach their performance goals. In search of a Juice Bar supplier, they found Performance Food Centers (PFC) through an industry partner, CMS, followed up by the chance to try PFC’s 100% crushed fruit shakes at an IHRSA Convention. Rodney Morris, General Manager at Franklin speaks of why they choose PFC, “Their smoothies are healthy and PFC helps with marketing the smoothies with nutritional facts, posters, marketing campaigns and so much more.” Morris goes on to talk about his experience with this whole-foods company, “My experience with PFC has been super! I like their focus on informing members about the health benefits of the smoothies. Providing education to our members has been one of the major keys to making our Juice Bar in our health club successful.”

Franklin sells Recovery and Performance Shakes to about 11% of their member and this number is growing. In fact, their business is growing tremendously, so much so that they have recently remodeling the entire center and add a new line of organic coffees, espresso and teas to complete the total wellness package. Morris mentions, “A lot of people drink coffee and espresso drinks and we wanted to offer this convenience to our members.”

Debbie Dolan, PFC’s Director of Specialty Coffee recently traveled to North Carolina to train the fine staff at Franklin on their new coffee and tea program. Along with training the staff on how to make and sell their new line of coffees and teas, Dolan taught them that freshly, roasted espresso beans are the key to a good latte. Dolan, returning from her trip mentions, “I want to thank the owners and staff of Franklin Health and Fitness for such a great training. I believe the addition of the new line of coffees, espressos and teas will greatly benefit their members as well as the clubs profit margin.”
The whole staff at PFC would like to congratulate Franklin Health and Fitness for setting the path to recovery and wellness by offering their members 100% Crushed Fruit Recovery and Performance Shakes and a line of Organic of Specialty Coffee, Espresso and Teas.

About Franklin Health & Fitness Center
Franklin Health and Fitness is a 21,000 square foot fitness facility in Franklin, North Carolina. Their goal is to provide excellence in facilities, programs and services to help their members achieve their maximum potential for health and fitness. They offer their members the following amenities in wellness; an indoor pool, full service locker rooms, spinning studio, KidsZone, Racquetball courts, free weights, Nautilus equipment, 67 weekly group exercise classes and an all-natural Juice Bar which now includes a full line of organic of Specialty Coffee, Espresso and Teas.

Franklin will be holding an open house January 22 to celebrate the completion of the renovation and the addition of the coffee and teas to their Juice Bar. There will be prizes, food, live radio interviews, information booths and the absence of construction activity. Morris says, “Invite your family and friends. We will have a grand re-opening membership special deal, available that day only!”

Performance Food Centers announces the opening of Phys-Ed Health and Performance, a new educational fitness concept that rewards their members for getting fit.



Summary: Performance Food Centers congratulates Phys-Ed Health and Performance for offering a new, innovative rewarding system to their club members, with the end goal of providing total fitness through education programs as it relates to their exercise and nutrition goals.

Pottstown, PA January 26, 2011: Phys-Ed Health and Performance is a 22,000 sq. foot full service fitness facility located in New Milford, Connecticut. They opened their doors on December 13, 2010 and, with very little advertising, they have over 220 members and this number is growing very quickly. The reason for their success is that they are focused on health, well-being and fitness education for their members. Eric Corson, owner of Phys-Ed explains their focus, “The whole concept of Phys-Ed is to give our membership base a comfortable, friendly place to work out. At the same time, I wanted to design a system of rewarding members for participating in our fitness programs.”

To reward their members, Corson created a point system; one that resembles credits earned at a University. The only difference is that instead of getting an academic degree, at Phys-Ed University, you attain total fitness and wellness. The point system is simple; they reward their members for attending the educational lectures, demos and guest speaker seminars they provide. Each program carries a certain amount of Phys-Education credits that can be applied towards a degree from Phys-Ed University. As the member matriculates through their program they receive Phys-Funds, their in-house currency, that can be used for everything in the facility, except the monthly tuition. Corson mentions, “It is a way for saying thanks and gives a little more incentive to take a cooking class or sit in on a lecture about shoulder instability.”

Education is what they are all about. In fact, when they were looking to add a nutritional program that featured education on nutrition, while providing healthy whole-food products, they found Performance Food Centers (PFC). Corson mentions, “I have known about PFC for several years now, from my first sample of Peanut Butter Cup at an IHRSA convention many years ago to working for a club that had a PFC Juice Bar.” Impressed with the quality of their product and the nutritional education, Corson adds, “The whole foods nutrition offered by PFC really works well with our philosophy of health and education.”

Partnering with PFC proves to be a good decision as Corson mentions,
“PFC offers quality products that taste good and offer our members a much healthier alternative to getting the egg/bacon/coffee combo down the road. Throw in that fact that the owner shows up to teach and motivate my staff and offers an educational avenue to learn from. That is a nice touch.” He continues, “The staff of PFC has been fantastic to work with as well, from Chris Murphy at the start to design with Ryan Kehl, it has been a pleasure.” Corson concludes, “I am confident that offering PFC to my members was a wise decision and that the members will learn that you really can get a healthy, nutrient dense meal in a cup. Whether that is a pre-workout pick-me-up or a post workout recovery shake, it is all good!”

Dan Young, owner of PFC, along with the Juice Bar Consultants and Juice Bar Designers at Performance Food Centers congratulates Phys-Ed Health and Performance on their opening and are very happy to be working with them to help their members attain the highest degree of total fitness and wellness.

About Phys-Ed Health and Performance
At Phys-Ed Health Club, we are here to put the fun back into fitness. Whether you are looking for the most dynamic class schedule or the latest exercise equipment in New Milford, we have it all. From our yoga studio to our spin studio, our group activity room to our three separate weight training areas, we have something for everyone. If you want to play a few holes in our Golf Simulator while junior is in Kid Kare, have a recovery drink in our juice bar or get some bodywork done in our “Recovery Ward”, Phys-Ed in New Milford is here to help you be your best. Through superb customer service and a friendly, knowledgeable staff we are here for you. Not because we have to… because we want to.

Phys-Ed Health and Performance
10 Still River Drive, New Milford, CT 06776
Phone (860)355-4354

Performance Food Centers, with the help of Dr. Mark Peters and his medical team provides Bio-Whey Protein to the healing patients of Haiti after a tragic earthquake hit Port Au Prince in January.

biowhey_vanilla_3lb_200x200Summary: Performance Food Centers provides Dr. Mark Peters and his team of medical professionals with their Bio-Whey Protein as they traveled to Port Au Prince five weeks after the tragic earthquake in order to help deliver nourishment and speed the recovery process for the healing patients of Haiti.

Pottstown, PA September 22nd 2010: On January 12, 2010, the island nation of Haiti was struck by a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The capital city of Port Au Prince sustained significant damages and over 200,000 people were killed as a result of the quake. Hundreds of thousands more were injured sustaining bone fractures, amputations and large soft tissue injuries. Dr. Mark Peters, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Houma, LA, brought a team of medical professionals to Port Au Prince five weeks after the quake to assist with the surgical care of those Haitians injured in the quake.

The team brought over $15,000 in medical supplies. One of the supplies, which became a hit with the patients, was the Performance Food Center’s Bio-Whey Protein Supplement. Dr. Peters said this was very important, as it appeared that a majority of the injured were malnourished. “We would just mix up a few gallons each day” Dr. Peters mentioned, “the patients loved it.” He stated, “many of the wounds that had occurred five weeks prior had not yet healed. Without adequate protein intake, the wounds they had incurred and the reconstructive surgeries I performed would have never healed.”

Dr. Peters found Performance Food Center’s Bio-Whey Protein at his gym’s Juice Bar- the Workout Company 3 in Houma, Louisiana. Over the past year, Peters purchased a protein shake after each of his workouts. He was impressed with the taste and quality of the protein. So much so, that when he planned his trip to Haiti, he knew of only one product he wanted to take to help to provide protein to the healing patients- PFC Bio-Whey Protein. He requested a donation be made to the cause and PFC’s Juice Bar consultant, Lindsay Kehl, responded quickly, sending Peters with a supply of protein.

Dan Young, Owner and President of Performance Food Centers mentions, “PFC is honored to play a small role in the healing process of the people of Haiti.” He continues, “We are all emotionally shaken by what Haiti has gone through and are thankful for Dr. Peters to give of himself to do God’s work. If our protein can be an instrument to aid in Dr. Peter’s work, we are all truly indebted to him. We are thankful that Dr. Peters took over our protein and that the protein was able to help heal the patients after their surgeries.” Young concludes, “ Our goal is to help people heal through natural whole-food products and we are so happy that our product is able to do this- especially in a great time of need.”

PFC congratulates the Java Joint on winning the best coffee shop, 4th year in a row

Java Joint2Summary: The Java Joint won the category for the best coffee shop in the Lehigh Valley. Performance Food Centers, their Smoothie supplier congratulates them for their dedication to serving great products and providing superior service to the Lehigh Valley area.

Pottstown, PA August 20, 2010: Performance Food Centers congratulates The Java Joint for winning the best coffee shop in Lehigh Valley for the fourth year in a row by Lehigh Valley Magazine “Best of the Valley” Reader’s Poll. The Java Joint is a 8′x20′ drive thru specialty coffee and pastry shop with two locations, one in Trexlertown and the other in Kuhnsville, Pennsylvania. Each location was designed to look like a 30’s style diner. Betty Hockman, owner of the Java Joint explains, “I feel that older diners have a warm, welcome look to them and that is exactly how I want my customers to feel when they see my store.” Her commitment to serving the finest specialty drinks and pastries has proven to be successful as voted by the magazine and her very own loyal customers.

The Java Joint started back in 2003. In creating her coffee shop business plan; Betty Hockman knew she wanted to offer a full line of coffee, tea and smoothies at her coffee shop. A coffee consultant from Portland, Oregon recommended Performance Food Centers (PFC) as her Smoothie supplier. Betty mentions, “I did a taste test with Dr. Smoothie and other fruit smoothie concentrates, and definitely thought Dr. Smoothie had a much better product.”

Betty admits that choosing to work with PFC on supplying all natural smoothie ingredients was a great decision. Her customers taste the difference and her experience with PFC has been very enjoyable. Betty adds, “Andréa Novicki (Fretz) was my first consultant at PFC. She would come to visit me and educate me on products that were available. She and the rest of the staff at PFC are fantastic!”

Beyond serving great coffee, tea, smoothies and snacks, Betty and her baristi are I.A.S.C. certified by Coffee Fest. Betty mentions, “Studying for the written test taught us all a lot more about coffee and the business than we knew before. Preparing for the hands on test forces you to be more aware of your drink preparation. Having our staff certified has set us apart from the competition. Continuing education is always important.”

The Java Joint always has new events going on for their customers, among them, their most recent event was a 7th anniversary celebration called the Lucky 7. They called upon suppliers, neighbors and friends to donate prizes for us to raffle off. Every time a customer purchased a drink, they would receive a raffle ticket. They collected 70 prizes and gave them all away this past month. As the summer draws to an end, Betty is planning her fall event. No matter what season though, you can always expect great coffee, smoothies and smiles from the Java Joint, the best coffee shop in the Leigh Valley, PA, 4 years and running.

About Java Joint
Since 2003, the Java Joint has been committed to serving the finest specialty drinks and pastries in the Lehigh Valley. The Java Joint is committed to serving every customer with the best drink, as quickly as possible and, of course, with a smile! Open from 6am to 4pm Monday through Friday and 7 am to 1pm on Saturday on Tilghman St. and 7 am to 3pm at Trexlertown. The Java Joint is located at 5925 Tilghman St. (610) 336-0114 and 7370 Hamilton Blvd. (222) (610) 530-3171.

A Feature with FitLife

Fitlife_Article_Dan_288x200Dan Young, owner and President of PFC was featured in an article written by Amanda Oborne of FitLife in the Summer FitLife Rag.

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