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PFC’s Client Progressive Fitness Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Summary: Progressive Fitness Personal Training Studio and Juice Bar Succeeds by Pairing Personal Training and Nutrition. Healthy Fitness Smoothies Help Clients Achieve Their Fitness Goals and Improves the Business’ Profitability.

Pottstown, PA, August 24, 2009 -Performance Food Centers congratulates Progressive Fitness of Lake Stevens, Washington in reaching their one year anniversary. Located within the Lake Stevens Fitness Center, Progressive Fitness has shown that a complete commitment to clients’ physical, mental and nutritional goals is a recipe for success.

Progressive Fitness has come a long way since being just an idea of founders Jacob Taylor and Chris Lyons. Having accumulated extensive educational and training experience, both men began as trainers at other facilities. Unimpressed with what they saw, Jacob and Chris began to collaborate on the ideal training facility to provide their clients with the best possible training experience. This would include a clean, professionally run facility offering personal training and massage services, as well as a juice bar to satisfy client nutritional needs. The result was Progressive Fitness Personal Training Studio and Juice Bar.

September 8th, 2009 will be Progressive Fitness’ one year anniversary and Performance Food Centers gives the two founders credit for opening a business during a difficult economic period. “We have been open for a year and going strong. That’s pretty big if you consider opening a club up in the middle of a recession…” states Jacob. Progressive has been successful based on its combination of superior training and nutritional offerings. Both owners say that nutrition is too often the missing ingredient in helping clients find their key to success.

Performance Food Centers was excited when Chris and Jacob selected the company to be their juice bar supplier. “We looked at about 5 or 6 companies, and PFC was the healthiest way to go by far and away.” The partners believed in PFC’s philosophy of providing wholesome products, while educating the consumer on the importance of nutrition. Performance Food Centers is not only a supplier, but also an educator and number one supporter of Progressive Fitness.

“Since opening, our members and clients have been drawn to our healthy fitness smoothies as a result of teaching them that nutrition is the other piece to the puzzle. We have seen great success once we teach our clients how important it is to recover after a workout and how to incorporate whole foods into their diet.” In fact, the juice bar has become so successful that 100% of the members purchase smoothies and non-members stopping by for a healthy smoothie often become clients too.

Dedication and a great juice bar supplier are two keys to success offered by Progressive’s owners. Focused on doing whatever is necessary and providing excellent customer service is also important. “We’ve wiped out the possibility of any perceived “intimidation” that a lot of people feel when they go into a big club. We treat everyone as if they were the 1st member to sign up” states Jacob. “If someone can find more helpful, educated and dedicated trainers, a better juice bar, with better customer service … please let me know!”

About Progressive Fitness

Progressive Fitness Personal Training Studio and Juice Bar offers athletic training, massage and nutritional services. The company is located within Stevens Fitness Center located at 303 91st Ave NE Suite A103 Lake Stevens, WA 98258 (425) 212-9098

PFC and King Kaluha Champion Healthy Training for Kids

Summary: Juice Bar Consultant Performance Food Centers Partner with Professional Wrestler King Kaluha to Promote his “Lean, Mean & Clean” Anabolic Steroid Risks and Awareness Program. Young Athletes to Benefit by Learning a Safe and Healthy Approach to Fitness and Nutrition.

Pottstown, PA August 20, 2009 – Young athletes are continually bombarded with conflicting messages about proper training methods from places like the locker room, mainstream media and their “friends;” that’s why Performance Food Centers has teamed with professional wrestler Mike Alegado, also known as King Kaluha, to educate kids on the healthy and safe way to approach fitness and nutrition. The “Lean, Mean & Clean” Anabolic Steroid Risks and Awareness Program is targeted toward high school and junior high school athletes, but their parents, siblings and friends will benefit too.

Mike Alegado is no stranger to the dangers of steroid abuse and unhealthy training techniques from his experiences in collegiate sports, professional wrestling, weight training and youth athletics. Furthermore, as an athlete for over 25 years, Mike has seen the result of many ill-conceived training regimens that damaged the health of friends and left them regretting their lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, Performance Food Centers shares this experience; whether it’s the consumption of healthy fitness smoothies instead of a sugar-laden energy drink, ill-advised training methods, or even the use of anabolic steroids, kids often don’t have a consistent source of reliable information on healthy athletic training.

As a professional wrestler, Mike Alegado’s King Kaluha persona is in a unique position to speak to kids based on personal knowledge. After training diligently, Mike created “King Kaluha” when he entered the world of professional wresting in the early 1980s. Wrestling internationally and operating his own professional wrestling school, King Kaluha saw the best and worst athletic training methods. Accurate training advice was difficult to find; straight talk about on the use of anabolic steroids was almost unheard of and convenient nutritional advice from a place like an onsite juice bar was non-existent. Although having never used anabolic steroids, Mike saw an increase in their use over the past three decades and felt compelled to take a stand against these substances by creating a program to help young men and women stay on the right track.

Mike’s “Lean, Mean & Clean” Anabolic Steroid Risks and Awareness Program is targeted to high school and junior high school athletes and consists of a 90 minute seminar including a question and answer session. Subjects covered include: How Anabolic Steroids Work, The Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids, Risks of Anabolic Steroids and Healthy Alternatives to Anabolic Steroids. Mike’s goal is to deliver this seminar throughout the country.

Thankfully, Mike also includes a discussion on nutrition’s role in fitness training too. While there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding banned substances in professional sports recently, like baseball, there are also many all-natural and healthful supplements that can be used to speed the recover of athletes’ bodies after a strenuous workout, like Performance Foods’ Dr. Smoothie nutritional boosts. These supplements provide the body with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients necessary to maintaining long-term health.

PFC Develops New Shake: Proceeds to Benefit ALS Research

Summary: Juice Bar Supplier Performance Food Centers Raises Funds for ALS Research in the Name of Friend and Fitness Industry Veteran Augie Nieto.

Pottstown, PA August 13, 2009 – Performance Food Centers has joined the battle against ALS by developing a new healthy smoothie shake. A portion of August sales of “Augie’s Shake” will go towards finding a cure for this insidious disease.

Performance Food Centers became involved in finding a cure for ALS when friend and fitness industry veteran Augie Nieto was diagnosed with the condition in 2005. “The juice bar and fitness industries are a tight-knit group” said Dan Young, President at Performance Food Centers. “We’re familiar with Augie’s battle with ALS and we want to help him and others afflicted by this condition.”

Augie Nieto has been a leader in the fitness industry for nearly three decades; since his diagnosis, Augie has worked tirelessly to raise funds to find a cure. A progressive neurodegenerative disease, ALS affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that eventually cause complete paralysis. As Co-Chairman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s ALS Division, Augie and his wife Lynne lead the “Augie’s Quest” fundraising initiative to help find a cure for this affliction.

With a focus on the nutrition and vitality of its customers, Performance Food Centers feels that every juice bar business should support a cause like Augie’s Quest. In an effort to “walk the talk,” the smoothie juice bar supplier assembled staff to develop ideas on how it could support this worthwhile cause.

The result is a delicious, Orange Creamsicle shake that will delight every smoothie juice bar customer. Featuring 100% crushed fruit, Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate and plenty of Vitamin C, Augie’s Shake is sure to please. Available in 900+ Performance Food Centers juice bars across the country, Augie’s Shake will be a perfect way to both recover from a hard workout and help others.

About Augies Quest

Augie’s Quest, the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s ALS research initiative, is an aggressive, cure-driven effort singularly focused on finding treatments and cures for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease). More information:

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