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Dan’s Essentials, a division of PFC, is proud to announce the launch of their NEW Certified Grass Fed, Hormone Free Whey Protein

Summary: Dan’s Essentials, an online retail store created by Performance Food Centers (PFC) the largest whole food provider of natural food products to health clubs, hospitals and universities in the USA, announces the launch of their NEW Certified Grass Fed, Hormone Free Protein – “Living the Natural Whey”.

Pottstown, PA June 1st 2012- Dan Young, Founder and President of PFC & Dan’s Essentials, experienced firsthand how whole food nutrition could cure his body of disease for which conventional western medicine said there was no cure for. Since then, Dan has made it his mission to help others understand the healing powers of whole foods. Dan says, “From reversing disease to reaching sports specific performance goals, all is possible when you eat the right foods – after all, we are what our food eats.”

Dan’s mission is to give people access to healthy minimally processed whole-foods free of all artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners while simplifying the complex world of nutrition. He created the online store to share with the world the very products that helped him during those critical years as well as today as he competes in endurance events, hikes tall mountains and raises an ever expanding family.

Most recently, he created a Certified Grass Fed Protein which was inspired by Dan’s motto, “We are what our food eats.” After all, our bodies are constantly rebuilding and trying to heal. Each day of our lives, approximately 300 billion cells die and are replaced with new cells. Every new cell is created from the nutrients of the foods we eat and all cells require proteins. Dan adds, “Your ability to think, see, hear, move and have a healthy immune system, all depend on healthy cells built with the amino acids of proteins, but protein that is free from all man-made junk is even more important, because eventually, those nasty ingredients become part of you.”

Living the Natural Whey is made of 100% natural whole food ingredients and can be easily added to any meal or snack where macro balance is needed- a great staple for the whole family. The Grass Fed milk used to make this protein has excellent levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), is free of rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormones) and contains no GMO’s. It is rich in branched chain Amino Acids – Isoleucine, Leucine & Valine and Digestive Enzymes which aid in digestion. Living the Natural Whey comes in convenient 1 lb. containers in Vanilla and Chocolate, each naturally sweetened with Organic Stevia. It blends perfectly with Smoothies, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Cookies and Parfaits. Recipes can be found at

This signature protein supplement accompanies over 800 whole food products on Dan’s Essentials that include: Smoothie & Shake Ingredients, Natural Supplements, Proteins & Builders, Organic Coffees & Teas, Handpicked Healthy Snacks, Granolas and Oatmeals, Whole Grains, Natural Sweeteners and Staples for Everyone’s Diet- all designed to help individuals reach their performance and wellness goals.

Dan invites you to try his new Certified Grass Fed, Hormone Free Protein and enjoy knowing that every time you include this in your diet, you’re rebuilding a better you!

About Performance Food Centers/Dan’s Essentials

Performance Food Centers is an industry leader in the planning, design, operation and supply of juice bars across North America. Serving over 1300 juice bars, fitness centers, schools and coffee shops, Performance Food Centers offers expertise in every facet of juice bar and café business. PFC launched Dan’s Essentials in January of 2012 to help individual reach their performance and wellness goals through whole food nutrition.