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Kicking off Wellness Week with Recovery Shakes

GirlWithScaleandShake.smMarch 19th-25th marks Wellness Week and many gyms, spas, and other businesses are celebrating living well by offering discounted services at their wellness facilities. Our customers, Yvonne Landis and Melodie Mayo of Elements Diet and Fitness kicked off the week by talking about the importance of recovering well with restorative poses and of course, our nutrient dense whole food Recovery Shakes.

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Remember, the Recovery Shake is most important meal of the day. The body only has a 30 minute window to optimize its workout. If you miss this opportunity to give it what it needs, the window quickly closed. You will not be able to store as much glycogen as just prior to your workout because the cells that once contained your stored sugars have decreased slowing down your metabolism. By drinking a high Glycemic drink with 3 to 1 ration of carbs versus protein, respectively, immediately following your workout, the sugars race into your muscles replenishing the lost glycogen keeping your metabolism humming. This is key to weight lose or muscle gain, your body will not gain an ounce of fat but you WILL realize your fitness goals much quicker.

Your body runs primarily on glycogen. The best time to store glycogen is right after exercise. Timing is Everything!

Eat Well!