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Try the healthiest smoothies is the world at Reading Sports and Fitness Expo this weekend!

placeholder_200x200Do you live near Reading, PA?
If so, please come to the Reading Sports and Fitness Expo February 18 – 20, 2011 at the Greater Reading Expo Center.

The hours are: FRI. 2pm – 8pm, SAT. 10am – 7pm & SUN. 10am – 5pm

The PA Sports and Fitness Expo is for the whole family – take part in a full selection of sports and fitness interactive demonstrations and educational seminars. Try out the yoga classes, test your endurance in the spin classes, join in on the exercise and cardio workouts and finish up with a free sample of the world’s healthiest smoothie from PFC. We will be sampling our Strawberry Fields and Java Energizer.

Plus – there will be a variety of other vendors selling products and services while also showing new and innovative fitness and training techniques to help you reach your goals and achieve your personal best! And even better the Reading Golf Expo will be the same weekend for one admission price.

It’s the Pennsylvania Sports & Fitness Expo and the Reading Golf Expo coming to the Greater Reading Expo Center, February 18-20, 2011. The ultimate event for all sports, golf, and fitness enthusiasts.

Click here to download and print a discount coupon to the show. Hope to see you there!

Looking for ways to Burn Fat?

burn_fat_burnYou know fat is essential to many of life’s functions but we all have just a little more than we need and it seems it’s in all the wrong places. Remember, you can not spot reduce your trouble areas but the fat will come off easier if you combine good exercise with these important nutrients. PFC introduces our signature, Burn Fat Burn.

In PFC’s Burn Fat Burn, we have combined nutrients, synergistically, so that your body utilizes them better. You can add Burn Fat Burn to any shake. Try this Synergistic Nute and know that your body is getting what it needs.

Here is what is inside Burn Fat Burn:

  • 108 mcg of Chromium Picolinate, essential for glucose, insulin, fatty acid and protein metabolisms. Because of food degradation, we’re lucky if we get 50 mcg’s a day but athletes require more. We give you a healthy 108 mcg.
  • 250 mg of Inulin known for increasing the levels of beneficial cultures in your intestinal tract, which helps fortify the body’s natural defenses and increases absorption of necessary minerals and the synthesis of vitamins. Along with those minerals is Calcium. Calcium is well documented now to help in weight loss.
  • 50 mg of L-Carnitine. The amount of fat burned depends a lot on the level of this valuable
  • 50 mg of Garcinia Extract. Contains a biologically active compound which is known To inhibit the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids and lower the formation of LDL and triglycerides. Researchers also believe that Garcinia may inhibit the conversion of excess calories to body fat. Lastly, appetite is suppressed by promoting synthesis of glycogen. So much from one little herb.

Click here to order.

Thank you to a real Fitness Icon and pioneer, Jack LaLanne

Thank you Jack, you taught us so much about Exercise and Nutrition. You will truly be missed by many.

Burning Fat After the Holidays

GirlWithScaleandShake.smThe holidays are over and so are all the temptations that go along with them. By now, if you are the average American, you’ve gained an honest 3.4 pounds throughout these festive times. Fat doesn’t have to be a bad word. There are good fats and there are bad fats. But before we talk about the dietary fats that we’ve over consumed throughout the last two months, let’s understand what we need to do with the extra baggage we’ve added to our bodies. The fat that is helping to make your belt skip a notch needs to come off quickly and soon. By ignoring it your body will begin to accept it and build all the support and connective tissues to hold onto it.

Here’s How To Lose It
Start by increasing your cardio and, of course, combine that with weight resistance training. Cardio will use more oxidative energy stores (fat) for energy while weight resistance will build more muscle, keeping your metabolic rate high. Remember, nutrition is just as important as working out. In fact, your efforts can be squandered if you don’t get nutrition right. Now, clean up your diet. Most folks try starving themselves; don’t fall into this trap. Never skip meals. Eat 5-6 meals each and every day. Start with breakfast and eat every 2-3 hours from there. Do not increase or decrease your calories at this point, just divide them up throughout the day into equal meals. One of the most important meals is your Post Workout Meal. This meal should be a liquid meal comprised of fast digesting carbs and proteins. Remember, it should be consumed within 30-45 minutes of your workout.

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