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Announcing the opening of our new online shopping store, Dan’s Essentials

PFCs newest division, Dans Essentials

Summary: PFC, an industry leader in the planning, design, operation and supply of Juice Bars and Cafes across North America, expands their reach by creating an online Nutritional General Store, Dan’s Essentials, complete with over 800 Whole-food products for the whole family.

Pottstown, PA January 26th 2012- Performance Food Centers (PFC), a wholesale Juice Bar and Café distributor has been searching the world for over ten years, handpicking products that align with their philosophy of bringing whole-foods to people who care about their bodies. They distribute these natural whole-food products, along with a broad spectrum of services to over 1300 Juice bars and Cafés nationwide. Upon the launch of their new store in January, they have opened their all-natural product offerings via their online shopping store – Dan’s Essentials

Dan Young, Owner and President of PFC built the company with the belief that people were meant to consume products as close to harvest as possible, just the way Mother Nature intended. In 1995-97, Dan was stricken with life altering and ultimately, life threatening combination of diseases. The medical community threw up their hands and Dan was left to take his life into his own hands. He sought holistic doctors and began reading everything that was written on curing the body naturally. It took almost two years but Dan succeeded and he owes it all the power of whole-foods; his belief that the human body has the ability to cure itself of virtually every disease if given the chance.

Dan’s passion to help people spawned PFC. The company was created with one goal in mind; to give people access to healthy whole-foods free of all artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners and minimally processed foods while simplifying the complex world of nutrition. Juice Bars located in health clubs and wellness centers was chosen as the vehicle to deliver these all-natural product offerings and nutritional educational materials. Dan believed as he does today, that folks who workout are more apt to care about what they are putting in their bodies in order to achieve their fitness goals and general wellness, so why not start there.

Over the past ten years, PFC has worked very closely with many food and supplement manufacturers improving their ingredient profiles while eliminating the garbage our bodies don’t recognize as food. Many of the foods you may eat today are a direct result of Dan’s pressure on those companies. For instance, Dan has been removing hydrogenated oils and aspartame from foods years before the FDA recognized them as health risks.

PFC grew as a result of their commitment to providing whole-food products, while simplifying the complex world of nutrition through various educational channels. The company is continuing to grow today, as people are becoming more and more health conscience. Business owners more than ever feel the responsibility to provide healthy products to their consumers and people from all walks of life are improving their health. As a result of their growth, Dan wanted to share with the world the very products that helped him during those critical years as well as today as he competes in endurance events, hikes tall mountains and raises a very young family.

PFC’s hundreds of healthy foods and beverages offerings are now available to the whole family at home! It is called; what else? Dan’s Essentials – Whole Food Pantries for Life. Dan’s Essentials currently offers the following categories of products; Smoothie & Shake Ingredients, Natural Supplements, Proteins & Builders, Organic Coffees & Teas, Handpicked Healthy Snacks, Baked Goods, Whole Grains, Natural Sweeteners and Staples for Everyone’s Diet.

Dan Young mentions, “We are proud to offer our whole-food products online which focus on very specific nutritional needs such as; Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Lactose Free, High Protein, High Energy, Vitamin Rich and products that are Great for Kids!” He continues, “ We are continually adding new products to the site. Among the newest, PFC is featuring a line of about 120 natural sweeteners, whole grains, flours, dried fruits, nuts and healthy snacks. All of these products were handpicked from farms local to Berks and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania. Young concludes, “Enjoy all the good things that this life has to offer; fresh air, sunshine, children’s laughter and the bounty of whole-foods from our pantry I have created for you. Eat Well. ”

PFC invites you to eat Natural whole-food products and to visit their online shopping store

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