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The flooding and falling bike racks will never get the LBC challengers down …

bikerThe challengers are staying strong, despite the recent flooding in the area and oh, the bike rack incident.

Over the past few weeks, the challengers have scheduled multiple workouts, but most were canceled due to all the high rainfall and flooding in the Berks and Montgomery country. One of the recent workouts in particular, a bike ride for the PASA, which supports local farms and sustainable agriculture, was also also a bit challenging.  The challenge was not because of the weather this time, but because of the fact that on the way to the ride, the bike rack fell off the car and they lost both bikes on the road.  But being brave and strong challengers, Robin rode the first 10 miles with breaks that were stuck on her back tire and Lindsay, with a wobbly bike wheel, raced to the end, 28 miles later.  These are type of the strong and dedicated individuals taking their mind and bodies to new heights in PFC’s Lean Body Challenge.

Here are the results for the last two weeks (for all those that submitted their points):


Robin- 223

Ryan D- 216

Chris- 146

Joe- 143


Robin- 259

Ryan D- 235

Lindsay- 173

Chris- 157

Kristin- 153

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We will be kicking up the workouts for the final few weeks, good luck to all challengers and weather, please behave so we can get those workouts in.