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Our Design and Development team will examine your space to create the most efficient layout for streamlining your operation.

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Juice Bars

From the most expansive Restaurant to the most rudimentary Juice Bar, designing an organized and efficient food service operation can be a complex task. PFC takes the guesswork out of this process so you can focus on running your business.

If you’re starting from scratch, utilizing a PFC Food & Beverage Designer will save you thousands of dollars by not only providing you an efficiently designed operation, but also preventing you from purchasing expensive equipment that you may not need. If you already have an architect or engineer, PFC works with that firm behind the scenes to ensure a seamless project. If you find yourself in need of an architect to make changes to the structure of the building, we have developed strategic partnerships in this field to provide all the necessary services, stamps and authorization documents local ordinances may require at a fraction of the cost.

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