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Juice Bars

PFC would like to turn your Juice Bar into a "NUTRITIONAL GENERAL STORE” with a variety of healthy and nutritional whole-food products.

Coffees & Teas

Juice Bars

Coffee … It’s part of our everyday American life, and the most consumed beverage in the world, next to water and Smoothies of course. If you are not offering a line of specialty coffees and teas, you are missing the boat. We here at PFC understand how to properly introduce and market a coffee and tea program to your customers.

PFC offers several great lines of coffee products, each worthy of any coffee connoisseur. Whether you are looking for a great coffee product for yourself or you have a small café, juice bar or bistro, we have a program that will fit you. Let PFC lead you in the right direction.

PFC’s Coffee Offerings

In keeping consistent with PFC’s philosophy of providing whole-foods to people who care about their bodies, we are proud to be partnered with Square One Coffee, a local micro-roaster from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Square One has a complete line of organic and certified fair trade single origins as well as custom blends. Together, with Square One, we have crafted our own “PFC Blend”, a well-balanced, bright coffee with a clean finish!

We have complete packages we can customize for you to fit your unique needs or you can simply purchase our all-natural products ala carte.

To Order our whole-food products for your business, please call PFC at 888.PFC.9151 for wholesale pricing.