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Juice Bars

PFC would like to turn your Juice Bar into a "NUTRITIONAL GENERAL STORE” with a variety of healthy and nutritional whole-food products.

Smoothies & Shakes

Juice Bars

Our smoothies are more than just tasty treats. In fact, we believe that we have developed the healthiest, most nutrient-dense smoothies in the world. In fact, since PFC has been re-defining this industry for the past decade, we’ve learned that just because you call it a smoothie, doesn’t necessarily imply you are getting a healthy beverage.

So, we’ve decided to reclassify the word smoothie to a very specific line of healthy beverages we call “Shakes.” We have developed our line of Shakes to redefine the commitment we have to your health. PFC classifies our line of Shakes into the following categories; i.e. Performance, Recovery, Pre-workout, Meal Replacement, Kids, Low-Glycemic, Low Carb, Women’s, and Sweet Treat Shakes.

What Is Not In Our Shakes

• Preservatives
• Additives
• Artificial Ingredients
• Synthetic Sweeteners
• Hydrogenated Oils – Trans Fats.

What Is In Our Shakes
• 100% Whole-Food Ingredients

What Our Shakes Are For
• Pre Workout
• Post Workout
• Healthy Snacking
• Meal Replacement
• Muscle Building
• Fat Loss
• Weight Management
• Increased Metabolism
• For Kids, Seniors and for the Whole Family

To Order our whole-food products for your business, please call PFC at 888.PFC.9151 for wholesale pricing.