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PFC chose Dr. Smoothie as our partner in revolutionizing the Smoothies industry. It was Dan’s vision to offer only pure and natural real food to people who cared about their bodies. Bill Haugh, owner of Dr. Smoothie embraced this vision and created for PFC the very first all natural 100% Crushed™ Whole Fruit Puree in the entire Smoothie industry. Dr. Smoothie is truly a pioneer in developing natural products that you can feel great about giving your whole family. Dr. Smoothie excels in every aspect of whole-food nutrition.

Each 16 ounce Smoothie boasts an incredible three servings of fruit with no artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or Trans-fats. Taste the difference that Natural Whole-Foods and Sound Nutrition can make.

Dr. Smoothie’s 100% Crushed™ Whole Fruit Purees and Classic Purees contain the same amount of calories, sugar grams, carbs, etc. The difference is the way they are sweetened. Classic is sweetened with cane and beet sugar. While the 100% Crushed™ whole fruit purees use apple, pineapple and/or white grape juice.