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Webster defines Nutrition as the process by which a living organism takes on and uses food for the purpose of growth and tissue replacement. The primary role in food is to provide substances and nutrients essential for maintaining optimal health and performance. A nutrient is something that nourishes.

Optimal bodily function cannot occur without the daily ingestion of precise mix of 59 substances. Some you need a lot of, others only an extremely small amount. These nutrients are completely derived from the Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Water, Vitamins, Minerals and co-Factors that we consume each and every day.

Every individual has a particular range of intake of each nutrient that will yield optimum function. Because we are all unique and we vary in our lifestyles and environments, our nutritional requirements are unique too. To suggest that one eating plan will fit everyone is absurd.

Though, we try to do the right thing regarding our eating choices, many of the foods we eat each day are nutrient deficient. Because of soil degradation and the use of pesticides, hormones and general farming practices over the past 50 years, much of our food source barely resembles what our grandparents ate.

To fully achieve our performance goals and general well-being, whether it be increased endurance, strength, flexibility, cardio vascular health, fat loss, muscle gain or any combination of these; you’ve got to get nutrition right. To do this first and foremost, eat well and know the source of the foods that you eat and secondly – Supplement your diet with Micro-Nutrients that are just as pure as the foods you should be eating.