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PFC Women's Blend

PFC Women's Blend

Science has determined many of the nutrients that help women run on all cylinders. Women are different physiologically speaking than men; they need specialized nutrients to optimize bodily function.

  • Borage Oil - The seed oil is desired as source of gamma-linolenic acid.
  • Flaxseed Oil Powder - Flax seeds contain high levels of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids. Lignans may benefit the heart, possess anti-cancer properties and studies performed on mice found reduced growth in specific types of tumors. Flax seed may also lower cholesterol levels, especially in women.
  • Lutein - Lutein is employed by organisms as an antioxidant and for blue light absorption. Lutein was found to be concentrated in the macula, a small area of the retina responsible for central vision. The hypothesis for the natural concentration is that lutein helps protect from oxidative stress and high-energy light.
  • Lycompene - Lycopene may be the most powerful carotenoid quencher of singlet oxygen, being 100 times more efficient in test tube studies of singlet-oxygen quenching action than vitamin E, which in turn has 125 times the quenching action of glutathione (water soluble). Singlet oxygen produced during exposure to ultraviolet light is a primary cause of skin aging.
  • Aloe - Scientific evidence for the cosmetic and therapeutic effectiveness of Aloe vera is limited and when present is typically contradictory.  Despite this, the cosmetic and alternative medicine industries regularly make claims regarding the soothing, moisturising and healing properties of Aloe vera. In addition to topical use in wound or burn healing, internal intake of Aloe vera has been linked with improved blood glucose levels in diabetics, and with lower blood lipids in hyperlipidaemic patients, but also with acute hepatitis (liver disease). In other diseases, preliminary studies have suggested oral Aloe vera gel may reduce symptoms and inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis.
  • Co Enzyme Q-10 - Supplementation of coenzyme Q10 is a treatment for some of the very rare and serious mitochondrial disorders, metabolic disorders, heart failure, migraine headaches, blood pressure and cancer.
  • Quercetin - is a plant-derived flavonoid. Laboratory studies show it may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it is being investigated for a wide range of potential health benefits.

- 1lb Jar