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Hi, I'm Owen from the Simple Again marketing team. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to build one of the swig retail displays

If you could it all read this sticker you would see that this is the protein display but this demonstration works for the core supplement display as well. Let's get started.

So when you open up the box you're going to see a whole bunch of stuff. Some of this stuff you need, some of this stuff you don't need.

We've got the sidebar tissue paper, don't need that. More tissue paper, I think you're getting the idea.

The base, the tri-fold holder and the body of the display so because it makes the most sense, we're going to start with the base.

You'll see on all of the corrugation on every piece

except for the body of the display that

there are folds or score lines on the

inside of the corrugation or at least

they're easier to see on the inside of

the corrugation then on the printed side

what you're going to want to do

throughout the entire build is to pre

fold these on these score lines this

will help make it easier to build and

you'll totally understand what you're

doing as you're going along so as you

can see i have pre-folded all of these

before i'm going to start to assemble

the assembly process is pretty easy

you've got little notches here and

little areas four notches there and

you're going to fold the two notch sides

in and then tuck the other pieces

into the notches that's the bottom so we

have the bottom of the base folded and

this is the part I was talking about

where you're really going to want to pay

attention to the score lines on the

inside inside of this notched edge piece

here you'll see that there is a straight

line here and a diagonal line going here

the diagonal may be a little harder to

see but it's the diagonal line that

you're going to want to pre fold on you

can see that I've pre-folded all of

these by the bends in the pieces there

and here's where you're going to bend on

the diagonal line both of these rear

pieces you're going to fold this piece

down on the platform and then you're

just going to push it back so that

you've got an angle back and a level


this is the hardest part of the whole

thing we're going to need you to take

the body of the display and place it on

the base if you've done these steps

correctly so far this is what it should

look like in profile so the next piece

is a little weird we're going to put the

trifold holder on to the header same

thing here it's important to look at all

the scores on the back and one of them

that is going to be particularly

important and you see this creates a

little tab here is creating a 90 degree

angle with these two notches on the side

the reason for that and I've already

punched these pieces out is this tab and

these 90 degree angles are going to put

this all together here you can see the

opening of the trifold holder facing the

top of the header and the 90 degree

angle tabs that you bent as well as the

little notch on the bottom sitting in

all of those open spaces at this point

there's a little bit of force and you've

got a trifold holder so for the header

you can see again that I've done all of

the pre folding to get this thing ready

and you've got a little bit of space on

the edge of the body here that these

little tabs are going to fit into so

this sits directly on the top one of

these tabs folds up and with a little

bit of maneuvering and it really is just

a little bit sits directly in that slot

you're going to do the same thing on

both sides so for the side panel you're

going to essentially do exactly what you

did for the header you can see that I

have it pre folded and this little tab

up here is going to go into the same

slot that you put the header in it may

take a little bit of wiggling but it

should work out fine

there's the top the bottom piece doesn't

actually go into a slot it's just the

weight from the body that holds that tab

down so it's the same tab that we used

on the top but it's just going to be

folded and placed under the body of the

main display it might be easier to

preload all of the product into the

display before you do that to guarantee

it holds but as you can see now it's

holding just fine so this is your finish

display you haven't yet done it you're

going to want to load all of the product

into the display they're clearly labeled

as to where each individual product goes

and as I said at the beginning the

protein display and the core supplement

display are built in exactly the same

way just read the signs and figure out

what goes where obviously turn all of

the labels facing forward to properly

merchandise the product thanks for

watching the demonstration I hope

everything's set up fine if not please

contact one of our customer service

specialists and they'll help talk you

through it have a great day