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Hello, I'm Dan young founder of Performance Food Centers, a division of Simple Again. Today we're going to talk about the basics of making a shake.

So the first ingredient is going to be six ounces of puree. The next ingredient when you're making a fruit-based shake is always banana.

You have two options; you either have a fresh banana which is going to be a third of a banana or you can use a freeze-dried banana which would be four coins.

The next ingredient you have several options; in the freeze-dried world in this case we're going to use strawberries, freeze-dried strawberries. It's about a quarter cup and then protein. One level scoop will deliver twenty grams of protein.

The last ingredient is ice; we're going to throw the ice in, the ice is to the protein line which is about 12 ounces of ice for a 20 ounce shake, and here we go 23 seconds later shake is blended.

You can see that this cup is built exactly where it needs to be, perfect shape.

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