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greetings i'm dan from performance food

centers division of simple again today

we're going to talk about proper

technique of cleaning your utensils and

your appliances and to do that you're

going to need a three compartment sink

in this left bowl right here

we have hot sudsy water this Center bowl

right here we leave it alone this far

right sink happens to be your sanitizing

solution and how do you get there you

fill it up with hot water in here you're

gonna drop in one tablet of a food grade

sanitizer approved by the health

department this is a bar type sink you

need about one tablet you're a sink

depending on the size could be two or

three tablets how do you know okay so

we're gonna take our litmus paper we're

gonna drop it in the water for about two

to three seconds we're gonna pull it up

and you need to be at 200 parts per

million as indicated on your litmus

paper that we supply for you cleaning

our utensils in our appliances happen

every four hours you just basically take

a blender drop it in your bowl wash out

the particulates bring it over here to

your rent sink wash it off your suds

then you're gonna take it over here and

you submerge it into your sanitizing

solution for about 30 seconds you pull

it out and then you let it sit on your

drain board just like this if a customer

happens to come in before the sanitizing

solution is dry please walk over here

rinse it one more time now you are ready

to properly serve your customer and

everyone's going to be happy

see you next video