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hi there I'm Dan young founder of

performance food centers a division of

simple again today we're going to talk

about the efficiencies of your juice bar

if you're going to be serving your

customers you want to have a very

efficient juice bar in most situations

we would prefer your juice bar being on

the front counter because every time you

turn away you'd be breaking your your

connection with your customer you want

to have a conversation with your

customer the entire time you're making

this shake we have our juice bar now on

the front counter and in the center of

my universe is what it's our blender you

are to be nailed right here to the floor

so that your hands can touch everything

you need to make a shake you've got your

proteins to the right you've got your

whole food ingredients in many cases

your whole food ingredients should be

displayed we like those put on a shelf

real close to your blender or on your

countertop right next to your blender

because people need to see the product

and once they see it they'll realize

you're a whole foods to use bar if you

don't have that ability to do that you

can see we've got these neatly tucked

behind our proteins and then right in

here and neatly tucked right here I've

got my extracts and I've got my agave

and my honey which is all right here as

well you've got your flavorings to the

left you've got all of your supplements

you've got your refrigeration below the

counter I've got my rent sink right

behind me talk about my icemaker some of

you folks might have a nice bin right in

your countertop or a nice pin on wheels

my thought would be to always have your

ice within arm's reach wherever that is

and without bending down would be ideal

I can actually reach and grab everything

I need without ever moving my feet this

is really where you need to be as well

so thanks again and we'll catch you next