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greetings I'm Dan young founder

performance food centers a division of

simple again today we're going to talk

about how to put this product your puree

into this bottle which is a store and

pour you just take it out of your bag

like so take all the parts out you're

going to take this label that we also

supply which happens to be a quick

release label you find the line on your

bottle to line it up properly you touch

it on and you just sweep the label like

so and it'll line up perfect every

single time if you make a mistake don't

fret all you need to do is pull the

label back off just like so when we wash

rinse sanitize it it stays on we're

going to empty the entire bottle into

here once the bottle is empty we're

gonna take and add about two to three

ounces of water to here we're going to

shake up the three ounces of water and

then we're going to drain into this

bottle fill this bottle with almost a

whole bottle of fresh clean water and

we're gonna add that fresh clean water

to the top of the flutes the base of the

neck right to this point BAM we put in

our flat lid like so and this is the way

your bottle is going to live in your

refrigerator overnight with the flat lid

on now when a customer walks in to buy

that very first shake with this very

first flavor here you're gonna pull it

out of your refrigerator you're going to

shake it up because puree and water will

separate overnight then we're gonna take

our long neck and we're gonna snap on

the quick release or spout and snap it

on like so notice I use a a paper as a

barrier the Health Department wants a

barrier between everything that comes in

contact with food so now you've got the

ability to serve your customer with a

longneck on your bottle you're gonna

squirt squirt squirt this into your

blender jar and now this will live in

your refrigerator exactly the way it

looks right now until you go home at

night when you go home at night this top

comes off flat lid goes back on

and this goes in the refrigerator this

then gets washed or and sanitized it's

all there is to it thanks folks see you

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