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hello danyoung here founder of

performance food centers a division of

simple again today we're gonna talk

about our organic milk powdered milk is

easy to ship and easy to the store you

have many options and your juice bar

you've got soy milk you've got almond

milk and guess what now you've got

organic skim milk how are we going to

reconstitute that well it's a quick easy

two step process you need 32 ounces of

water in your blender jar you need four

scoops of powder into your blender jar I

recommend putting in a putting on a

barrier so that the milk doesn't come

leaking out of the blender jar you just

need to pulse this for a quick 1 second

and you're done one quick second we pour

the milk into your store and pour you

will need to mark your store and pour

the expiration date 7 days from the day

that you're labeling it this milk now is

functional highly functional it's


tastes just like real milk plus it is

real milk just put this in the

refrigerator and you are making a shake

thank you and see you next time