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hello I'm Dan young founder of

performance food center is a division of

simple again today we're going to talk

about the perfect pour why the perfect

four because we want to make sure there

is consistency and everything you make

and this is a business right you got to

be in control over your ROI we want to

make sure that the costs are really

controlled we want to make sure that

you're delivering back to the customer

all the nutrients that the customer is

paid for so how do you do that

well there's really only three simple

rules to remember if you remember the

three simple rules guess what making

shakes will be perfect every time so the

first rule of making a perfect pour is

understanding if the shake has protein

on that so you need to refer to your

recipe guide or your cheat sheet this is

to make a 20 ounce shake if the shake

has protein in it it's only six ounces

of liquid it could be puree it could be

milk it could be water it could be


the second rule should be if there's no

protein in this shape we need 8 ounces

of liquid the third roll is am i putting

in an entire banana in a shake or

anything that's large and pulpy like a

whole sweet potato if I'm using the

fresh ingredient of any kind that I need

to reduce the amount of liquid by 2

ounces if I can just keep those 3 rules

in our heads we'll never make a mistake

in making the perfect for it see you

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