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hi Dan young here founder of performance

food centers a division of simple again

today we're going to talk about the

scoop on scoops behind me we've got a

multiple array of different types of

scoops if you've been with us for a long

time our scoops are now handsomely

displayed in front of the containers no

longer should they be actually in the

container many of our customers are

probably still doing it this way they're

putting their scoops back in the

containers probably not a good idea

because the bacteria on your hands is

now living inside the jar so we are

suggesting and we should do this before

the Health Department does to acquire

some ramekins from performance food

centers they are classified by the

allergen that the particular food might

may have we have a 70cc scoop that is

orange this is for all of your way based

products whether it's whey protein

matrix or the mo mass we also have a

green 70cc scoop which is our ancient

grains protein we also have a whole food

scoop when I say whole foods I mean your

bananas and your blueberries and your

sweet potato your kale your spinach this

scoop here handles all of this whole

food ingredients we also have for your

flavorings we have a 50cc

scoop which is actually for all of your

flavorings whether it's chocolate all

extremely latte mocha Java you name it

all of those require just one scoop that

would sit in front of all of those

flavors the last scoop that's a 50cc

scoop is actually your brown 50cc scoop

meaning is for peanuts so this is a

clearly an allergen that most folks are

aware of today so we want to make sure

that that's isolated from every

everything else you're doing here

performance food centers actually has a

new concept and that is actually to

indicate which containers these scoops

should be used for us so we actually

have a little orange dot for each of

your weigh containers we have a little

green dot for your plant-based proteins

we have white dots for your flavorings

and brown dust for your for your peanut

butter containers give us a call we'll

rush them right out for you

in addition to your your scoops we also

have a quarter teaspoon half teaspoon

that DFC provides for you these

so for measuring your extracts and

ingredients that require just a wee

little bit of flavoring like your

avocado or your your lemon peel in our

cheat sheets we actually do describe

which which scoops to use and then for

our core supplements everything uses an

ICC scoop which is actually housed

inside the container when you receive it

you just simply take it out of the

container put that as well on a ramekin

you need one of those for all of your

jars and you're in business at the end

of the day you're cleaning five or six

scoops that are laying on your

countertop and your ramekins it's as

easy as that folks thanks a lot and I'll

see you next time bye