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hi I'm Ryan the equipment guy from

performance food centers division of

simple again today I'm going to review

the procedures for receiving your

Blendtec blender first we're going to

remove the blender from the box next

remove the foam from the blender keep in

mind not to discard these foam pieces

these come in handy when having to send

your blender back for any kind of

warranty or service work remove the

plastic from the blender and unwrap the

power cord inspect the power cord to

make sure there are no physical breaks

or cuts in the cord next make sure that

you have all of your parts you're going

to have a Blendtec

motor base or stand your Blendtec motor

is going to be inside you're going to

have a sound enclosure which is two

pieces and your blender if purchased

from performance food centers will come

with two jars the second jar will be in

the smaller box both of those jars are

going to come with hard lids and you're

going to inspect those jars before using

them to make sure that the blade just

turns freely and there's nothing there

preventing it from turning this blender

looks great you're gonna check over the

ventilation grids to make sure that

there's nothing blocking them this will

prevent your motor from overheating and

you're ready to plug in you're gonna

plug your blender into a 20 amp

dedicated outlet dedicated means there's

nothing else on that circuit once your

blender is plugged in you can simply

turn it on and you're ready to start

blending that's all for today have a

great day