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We design, build & supply natural, Whole-Foods Based Shake & smoothie bars

Fitness Facilities
Supplement Stores
Grocery Stores
Country Clubs
Stand-Alone Shops
Food Trucks
Anywhere (Almost)
Serve the cleanest, natural whole foods & supplements while operating a successful & profitable business!
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Why PFC?

With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with thousands of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, solidifying our place as the leading Shake & Smoothie Bar providers in North America. 

Whether it’s a Fitness Facility, Café or Standalone Shop…we can help!

The Cleanest Ingredients

Our ingredients are the cleanest stuff on Earth! They are meticulously sourced from trusted farmers, rigorously tested for purity and completely free from anything artificial, additives and contaminants.



Nothing Artificial

Vegan Options

Don't just take our word for it...

"Our members & staff absolutely LOVE Simple Again smoothies. We have been increasing our shake sales and repeat customers drastically since switching over to tese products last year. The smoothies are easy to make and taste fresh and healthy. The smoothie of the month is always a hit!" - Fitness World | Durhan, NC

Our Trust Is Earned

Thousands of Customers Trust PFC to Create Thousands of Shakes & Smoothies Each Day

Discover How Easy It Is...

Our team of Shake & Smoothie Bar experts are waiting and excited to speak with you. Please click below to connect with a real person and discuss your vision.
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