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April 11, 2024

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We’ve become remote. Jobs, relationships, streaming…workouts. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to wake up in the morning, open the laptop and find a workout—arms, legs, yoga, cycle. It’s all right at our fingertips—with zero commute…and zero community. Regardless of the convenience of a remote workout, nothing compares to the experience and quality of exercise that comes from a gym membership alongside professional instruction.

It goes without saying that gyms offer a beneficial blend of community, instruction, and structure that remote workouts can never truly match. The motivation that comes from taking a Group X class or the education that comes from a licensed trainer who is there to ensure optimal growth and optimal safety can never be replicated at home.

But it’s not just about community and instruction—it’s about distraction. At home, there are a million other things to do besides work up a sweat—laundry, work, scrolling. At the gym, there is but one thing to do—work out. No distractions, no chores, no children, or bosses—just you and the space you need to elevate your physical and mental health.

 Let’s dive into more benefits of the gym and how gym owners can both leverage their professional advantage and add amenities to attract new customers and differentiate themselves in the remote workout world.

A group exercise class at a gym that has invested in gym marketing.

 Community Is Key

A gym is more than a space to get your flow on—It’s a vibrant social hub where friends and future friends come together to create healthier, better versions of themselves. It’s a space where everyone is free to be themselves, to share their goals, and to motivate each other to become better people–physically, spiritually, and mentally. Isolated home workouts, while convenient, can never compare to the comradery and community that comes with a gym—exercise becomes a shared journey.


And when you experience a shared journey and the benefits of a powerful connection between like-minded people, you gain a sense of belonging. By forging new friendships, sharing tips, and celebrating achievements, the gym atmosphere significantly boosts commitment to fitness routines and nurtures healthier lifestyles that everyone can enjoy communally through mutual motivation.


Add group fitness classes to the mix and you gain a collective exercise experience that combines the benefits of social interaction with physical activity which in turn bolsters the dedication and drive towards a healthier lifestyle. And that’s something no isolated home routine can ever compare to.

Two people drinking shakes at a gym shake bar.

The Pro Difference

Professional instruction is a complete game-changer that enhances motivation and expedites growth exponentially. Certified trainers and instructors bring a level of expertise and personalization that is unmatched by remote workouts and online platforms. Not only do your trained professionals provide immediate feedback on form, tailor workout plans to individual needs, and offer motivational support, but they also provide the confidence and belief that many gym-goers need to continue down a healthier path. With a personal trainer, it’s much easier for members to remain focused on their goals which leads to positive results—and that’s what keeps members coming back year after year.   

A personal touch significantly enhances the workout experience, making it more effective and enjoyable on all levels. And, if you’re new to fitness or have health concerns, professional oversight becomes an invaluable asset to a gym, ensuring safety and promoting wellness through tailored guidance. 

Got It—Gyms Are More Effective. So…How Do I Get the Word Out? 

Gyms can sometimes get a reputation for being intimidating or exclusive. But the truth is, gyms can be one of the most effective ways to improve your fitness and find a community if you use them properly. So if you run a gym and want more people to realize the benefits, how do you spread the word?

Effective Gym Marketing

The reality is people believe it’s easier to stay home and work out. But what they don’t know is that it’s not as effective. And many home gym users don’t see the results they would likely see in a gym.

So, how do you get people out of their bedrooms and into your weight room? By leveraging social media and marketing strategies that showcase your unique offerings and your dedication to success. Social media platforms are an excellent way for gyms to highlight success stories, share tips, promote group classes, advertise special events, and showcase their unique setting. With regular posting, you can engage current members and attract new members by providing a glimpse into the gym's vibrant community and expert-led training.

 Plus, the effective use of social media can extend your gym’s sense of community, creating a digital space where members can connect, share their progress, and support each other. By consistently engaging with members, gyms can create a sense of loyalty and belonging that reaches further than the physical setting.

 Add targeted marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of gym membership over remote workouts by emphasizing the value of community, professional instruction, and the comprehensive gym experience and you can further expand your gym’s value propositions. By showcasing real member experiences, highlighting personal trainers, and promoting classes, gyms can communicate the benefits of their environment, their community, their staff, and their atmosphere—and that builds trust. 

Be Different

Not all gyms are the same, and not all gym-goers are the same. By creating a unique space unlike your competition, you can differentiate yourself in the market. But how do you do that through gym marketing?

  1. Add a protein shake or juice bar to give members a nutritious post-workout recovery option that turns your gym into a one-stop shop for fitness and nutrition.

Added bonus—adding a shake or juice bar encourages members to spend more time at your gym and further the sense of community you’re already nurturing. 

  1. Add introductory offers to your social media and digital advertising campaigns.

By offering discounted rates for the first few months or bundling special packages for new members, gyms can significantly increase their potential membership flows. When you remove the financial obstacle from entry, it’s easier for members to commit, while also lowering your price point against competitors. Remember—once members commit, they rarely switch gyms—especially if you continue to give them reasons to stay loyal.   

  1. Offer free trials for potential members to experience your gym's atmosphere, equipment, and classes. 

The first step towards success is getting members in the door. With a risk-free financial membership strategy, you can showcase what makes your gym superior while cultivating trust, which leads to loyal members. 

So, Who Wins? Gym or Home Gym?

 Gym! Your gym already offers an irreplaceable combination of community, professional instruction, and a structured environment that enhances motivation and leads to results. All it takes is dedicated marketing, and the willingness to differentiate in the market, be it through adding new assets like a shake or juice bar, creating new classes, or offering trending workout programs that potential members are looking for. 

By leaning into the value of community and individualized training, you can attract new members and retain current members—and that leads to a successful and thriving space that your members just can’t live without.

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IHRSA - Why Your Gym Needs to Be a Community Center


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