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Tell us a little bit about your company. 

Club Fitness was established in St. Louis Missouri in 1983, and  is committed to lifting its members to healthier happier lives through fitness- no matter their shape, size, age, experience level, schedule, or budget. As an EmployeeOwned Company since 2015, our employees,  as owners, are invested in providing the best member experience available with an emphasis on clean, functional, and friendly. With the biggest footprint in the St. Louis area, Club Fitness is focused on uplifting its members and the surrounding community.

How do you utilize PFC for your smoothie/shake bar?

Club Fitness made the switch from using a different smoothie company to PFC in all16 of our locations where smoothies are available. Making the transition to PFC, allowed us to offer our members and employees a healthier, tastier option for their protein needs.

If there is one thing you could share with someone just starting their own smoothie/shake bar, what would it be?  

Employee engagement is key. The more involved the employees are with the smoothie bar and the products you will be selling, the more excited they will be to talk about them to your members.

Do you have a favorite marketing tip that you feel helped your smoothie/shake bar to grow or connect with your customers? 

Showcasing strong enticing visuals while speaking to the benefits of how our smoothies can fuel your body, pre and post workouts.

What is your favorite smoothie? (Or employee/customer favorite :)) 

The employee favorite is the Java Jolt. Everyone is excited about a healthy coffee.

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