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Tell us a little bit about your company (where you are located, what you offer, etc).

The Dive is a Smoothie Bar located in a vibrant athletic center. We are surrounded by a state-of-the art athletic center, climbing wall, large swimming pool, and a gymnasium. We offer 31 different smoothies, plus a Smoothie-of-the-Month.

How do you utilize PFC for your smoothie/shake bar? 

Not only do we order their product, but they have created three large Smoothie Menus for us to market our Smoothies, a Cheat Sheet Recipe guide for the students to use, and Monthly Promotional Items forthe Smoothie-of-the-Month. They have great customer service and are always checking in on me to see if I need anything.

If there is one thing you could share with someone just starting their own smoothie/shake bar, what would itbe?  

We have a separate counter for doing Peanut Butter smoothies. This is helpful for those that have peanut allergies.

Do you have a favorite marketing tip that you feel helped your smoothie/shake bar to grow or connect with your customers? 

We use social media to market our Smoothies through Instagram and Facebook. Our large menus are a great tool in selling the Smoothies. I give away free samples from time to time and that draws some more customers as well.

What is your favorite smoothie? (Or employee/customer favorite) 

My favorite Smoothie is the Tropical Oasis. Our student favorites are the Peanut Butter Cup, Organic Cookie Crunch, Strawberry Slam, and Mango Crusher.

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