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"From the initial consults and planning of the design of the new space and equipment selection with Ryan and Tim, who are both sooo patient (I had just a few changes along the way, even to the day the plumber arrived and starting digging and we had to stop everyone in their tracks and make adjustments to the plan so quickly, they were both so wonderful about helping make it all work) and so knowledgeable too with each piece of equipment down to the lingo of the health department, which we passed just this week — yay!!!! To Chris and Andrea helping out oh so much with product selections and ordering, such a pleasant/awesome experience, especially at a time when there is so many decisions to be made, they both made it so easy, whatever they said, I knew I was in good hands and will be as we go forward. To delivery of the products, so cool having Kathy pull up so early in the am to arrive with my first shipment, thank you warehouse, everything was packed and labeled so perfect. To Dan, our fearless leader, who has helped me out every step of the way, from talks of the initial project and business planning (even when I wanted to give up when my plans were "rejected" once or twice by the boro) to the final menu concept and training — whoa, I have never felt so proud to be part of such an incredible team. So much so when students/customers ask me how all this happened (and they do all the time as they have seen this whole process unfold, literally as we had to tear down a block wall into our yoga room to connect the spaces), I just say to check out PFC/Simple Again — they make it so easy, ahhh, so simple, right?! This is what I hope to be just the beginning as I really dive into serving a community in such need/search of healthy offerings. If you ever come my way, and I hope you each do, you will see, we are really the only ones offering anything healthy in town, and the community is really responding. Just in the last few days, I have had such a great response from my students on all the new products we have sampled out and we are even getting thumbs up from those I have never met on the street as they saw signs of our grand opening. From this place, I am really feeling optimistic and excited, mostly because of the tremendous support from all of you and the amazing opportunity I have had to learn and grow with PFC over the last six years, which is so appreciated, more than words can say. So thank you to all of you, I really look forward to working with you all in new and different ways, especially marketing, I have such fun ideas coming your way! Please know you each play such an important part in helping out so many, beyond what you may see and hear, the ripples are being felt and I hope to continue to pass the message along in anyway I can!"

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