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Tell us a little bit about your company (where you are located, what you offer, etc). 

Red X Fitness is my company and we are located in Northern Alabama.  We are a health club chain offering group fitness,personal training, weight loss coaching, tanning, massage, smoothies, and other amenities.

How do you utilize PFC for your smoothie/shake bar?

PFC is our main smoothie/shake bar supplier.  We bought their whole storefront package and utilize their recipes and ingredients that were branded specifically for our facility.

If there is one thing you could share with someone just starting their own smoothie/shake bar, what would it be? 

I would suggest making sure to taste their shakes and believe in the message behind the nutrition you are providing your members/clients.

Do you have a favorite marketing tip that you feel helped your smoothie/shake bar to grow or connect with your customers? 

PFC’s “no wait” shakes with a small 10% discount for pre-orders is contributing to growth as well as managing the flow of the orders.

What is your favorite smoothie? (Or employee/customer favorite :)) 

My personal favorite is the red velvet- we just discovered this one when we had a relaunch and added a smoothie bar at a second location.  Who knew beets could taste so great?

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