There are other ways to utilize the ingredients that you already have in inventory. With a few extra supplies, you can triple your offerings! Crushed Fruit Bowls use your 100% Crushed Fruit to create a delicious, healthy bowl of fruity goodness. Click here, here and here for all the tools your need to get started!  You can also offer Super Shots for your customers on the run who need a boost of nutrients. Click here, here, here and here for all the information you need to start making Super Shots today! The coolest new way (pun intended) to offer your customers their favorite shakes is in popsicle form! By using the bags found here, and a few simple adjustments to the shake recipes your customers already know and love, you can send a sweet treat out the door with your customers for a fraction of the cost of a full shake just in time for the warm weather! Click here for more information and here for a counter card to get you started!