Healthy Happy Hour

Creating a social atmosphere, like one at a bar, can be a positive way to keep people talking about your shakes and smoothies. Make it just like a happy hour at a local watering hole by discounting shakes, offering two-fers on add-ins and reduced prices on grab-&-go snacks. Click here for some helpful counter cards to get you started!

Shakes By Workout

One of the best ways to make sure that your customers are getting the best post-workout recovery is to help them figure out what they’ve just burned on the floor or in a group fitness class. We have a comprehensive guide to post-workout recovery that is easy for your staff and your members to understand. Customized options are also available. Click here for a counter card to get you started!

Retail Supplements

Add an additional profit center to your business by selling the same supplements that you offer at the Shake & Smoothie Bar to your customers for use at home. They trust you and you trust PFC, so help them get the best for themselves and their entire family. They’re going to get them somewhere. Click here and here for more information on how to start this program in your business today!

No Wait Shakes

There's a smart way to brace your Juice Bar for busy times and allow busy customers to get their shakes and smoothies in a flash- it's the No-Wait Shake! Use these pre-order cards to let your customer choose their Recover Shake before they workout. It'll be ready for them as they fly out the door – no waiting! Click here for more information and a helpful counter card!

Punch Cards

There's two great ways to utilize punch cards to build your business. The first is to pre-sell a block of 10 shakes at a discount. It speeds up payment and guarantees the customer's return. The other is a rewards card – get 9 punches on a card and get your 10th shake free!

Marketing Outside the Box

There’s a great big world out there just waiting to try your fabulous, healthy shakes and smoothies, but you have to let them know that you exist. If your facility allows for it, let us help you create impactful outdoor signage to help cultivate a clientele that exists beyond your walls. Talk to your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Support Specialist about the many ways you can get your message out to the public.

Coupons & Group Fitness Cards

Your exercise staff can be your best ally in promoting the Juice Bar. Group Fitness Instructors can offer time-stamped cards that reward classes with a discount if claimed within 30 minutes of class-end. PTs can use discount cards to promote recovery at the end of each training session. Click here for more information, and here & here for printable downloads to get you started today! (Right Click Link to Download File for Best Print Results)

Kid's Coloring

We have, available on our Member’s Club, coloring sheets that you can download and print off for kids whose parents are exercising. They contain kid-friendly nutrition information that will start him/her off right and help remind mom/dad that they need post-workout recovery. It’s OK if the adults want to color too! Click here to download!

Social Media

Everybody's doing it, but are you doing it right? Our simple tutorial can help you reach your members and influence their behaviors. Reward customers for liking you page, sharing your posts and helping you build a broader network with which to share your yummy shakes and smoothies. If you're just starting out on social media, check out our Social Media Starter Kit – we've gathered images, suggested captions, and examples of popular hashtags that you can use as a jumping board to personalizing your own social media feed to highlight the benefits of the products you serve. You can also give your customers an incentive to engage with your social media accounts by offering a discount! Try taking $ off for tagging you in a picture and showing you before they purchase their smoothie. With a discount for your customers and more exposure for your business on social media, it's a win for everyone! Click here for a helpful counter card to get started!

Quiz Games

There are a million different ways to educate your customers while building your business. Quiz Games are among the most fun! By using nutrition and exercise websites (such as Here or Here) you can develop Questions of the Day, little Crossword Puzzles, and more to keep them engaged! Get our Total Fitness Booklet into your customers' hands via email or print copy and then test them on the info using our Crossword Puzzle! You can reward your customers with the One Free Shake coupon if they answer the questions correctly! Now you have a new, educated customer.

Trainers' Shakes

You need to get the participation of your Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors up to fully maximize your business. One of the best ways to get them involved is to have them create their own shake recipes. Turn it into a contest and see whose recipe sells most this week or this month. An influential trainer can really influence sales. Click here for more information.

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