Click below to download different hand outs & counter cards you can have on display at your Juice Bar. These are items you can print in multiples for customers to take home and read, or you can display them on your counter and around your facility in Snap Frames.

Black & White Posters
Our Ingredients Counter Card Look 1
Our Ingredients Posters/Counter Cards Look 2
Our Ingredients Counter Cards Look 3
Kids' Menu Counter Card
Tasty 2.0 Posters
Chalkboard Posters
Industrial 2.0 Posters
Kettlebell Posters
Macro Posters
Ripped Posters
Spa Posters
Tasty Posters
Texture 2.0 Posters
Vintage Ink Posters
Watercolor Posters
Whole Foods Posters
Woodgrain Posters
Non-Fitness Facilities Posters
Limited Flavor Availability Counter Card
Allergy Notification Counter Card
Ingredient Change Counter Card
Fitness Flyers
Nute Guru
Nature's Calls
From Dan's Hand
The Skinny
Trainer's Editorials
Freeze-Dried Benefits